ARM HPC tools and libraries

Enables you to get maximum performance for your HPC applications on ARM

Commercially supported by ARM on a wide range of ARM-based SoCs

ARM SVE Compiler for HPC

A complete compiling environment for SVE application development, with ARM C/C++ SVE Compiler and  ARM Instruction Emulator to run SVE binaries on non-SVE ARMv8-A hardware at near-native speed

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ARM Compiler for HPC

A complete compiling environment, with ARM C/C++ Compiler and ARM Performance Libraries, to develop and tune your HPC applications on ARMv8-A based SoCs

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ARM Performance Libraries

Optimized BLAS, LAPACK and FFT libraries for high-performance computing applications on ARM

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ARM Code Advisor

Simple, actionable advice to tune your HPC application on ARM. Combines static and dynamic information to produce actionable insights

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