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Here, you will find all the help and support you will need for Arm Allinea Studio, Arm's suite of High Performance Computing (HPC) tools.

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Debug, profile and optimize on any platform

Help, tutorials and documentation for our tools that support you on any platform:


Memory debugging guide

Advanced memory debugger and memory leak detection for C++, C and Fortran 90 applications.

Profiling guide

Low-overhead profiling for production and test workloads at any scale.

How to write custom metrics

Build your own metrics with just a couple of lines of code.

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Help and support

Get in touch if you have questions, doubts or want to raise an issue. The vast majority of requests are answered within a single working day because we care about keeping you and your team successful.

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Q: Can I continue to use Arm Forge and Performance Reports without needing to be on Armv8-A architecture?

Yes, these tools continue to be compatible with any platform. 

Q: How do I get an evaluation version of the tools?
Follow this link to find instructions on how to download and evaluate the tools.

More FAQs can be found on our tool pages.

Help and tutorials

Browse our library of tutorials and documentation to help you get the best out of our tools.

Here, you'll find topics, tutorials, videos and reference material to support your HPC development work.