Linux User-space C/C++ Compiler

Tailored for HPC and scientific codes, with support for C/C++ and OpenMP standards and tuned for leading server-class Arm-based platforms. Built on the open source Clang front-end, and the LLVM‑based optimization and code generation back-end. Available as part of the Arm Compiler for HPC package

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  • Reference guide

    Reference manual describing the implementation of C/C++ supported by Arm, including OpenMP standard support.

    C/C++ reference
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  • Get started

    A complete workflow from installation to compiling your first program with Arm C/C++ Compiler.

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    Download the Arm Compiler for HPC package containing Arm C/C++ Compiler

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  • Porting and tuning 

    Instructions to build and run popular HPC and scientific workloads with Arm Compilers.

    Porting and tuning

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Get in touch if you have questions, doubts or want to raise an issue. The vast majority of requests are answered within a single working day.

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Q: How do I get access to the Arm C/C++ Compiler?
Arm C/C++ Compiler is available as part of Arm Compiler for HPC package in Arm Allinea Studio tools suite. To get started using the Arm C/C++ Compiler, see our Installation and Getting Started guides.

Q: Which Linux distributions are supported?
Arm C/C++ Compiler is available on leading Linux distributions, including RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu. See supported platforms for more information.

Q: Which Armv8-A SoCs are supported?
Arm C/C++ Compiler works on any 64-bit Armv8-A based platform running Linux. The compiler has specific performance tuning for Cavium ThunderX2, Qualcomm Centriq  and Arm Cortex-A57 based SoftIron OverDrive systems.

Q: Does it support SVE? 
Arm C/C++ Compiler supports the generation of SVE code. Arm Performance Libraries are only available for 64-bit Armv8-A platforms.

Q: Where can I find the release changelog? 
See our Release History page to discover what's new with each new version of the Arm Compiler for HPC.