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Here, you’ll find everything you need to get up and running with Arm Map - a parallel profiler that shows you which lines of code took the most time and why. It supports both interactive and batch modes for gathering profile data, and supports MPI, OpenMP and single-threaded programs. Syntax-highlighted source code with performance annotations, enable you to drill down to the performance of a single line, and has a rich set of zero-configuration metrics, showing memory usage, floating-point calculations and MPI usage across processes.

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    With Arm MAP you never need to worry about whether you chose the right metrics or level of implementation. Everything is turned on, all the time, with just 5% wall-clock overhead.

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    A complete workflow from installation to profiling your first program with Arm MAP.

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    Detailed manual providing information on various aspects of Arm MAP.

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Information regarding Arm MAP:

Q: What systems can I use it on?
This cross-platform tool supports everything from the latest compilers, C++11 standards, to Intel® Xeon Phi™, Intel Xeon, 64-bit Arm and OpenPOWER hardware. For a full list of supported platforms, see here.

Q: Can I get more information on the profiler features?
Yes, see more information on the profiler features and benefits.

Q: Can I trial Arm MAP?
Yes, get your free Arm HPC tools trial.

Q: How can raise an issue with Arm MAP?
Contact Arm support with your request and we will get in touch.