Getting started

Watch these videos to learn how to start and run programs with Arm Forge.

Getting started with Arm DDT and MPI

Enable memory debugging

Start a non-interactive debugging session

Getting started with Arm DDT and OpenMP 

Debug a single process application

Start a debugging session using reverse connect

Visualizing data

These videos show how to visualize data in Arm Forge.

Debugging with Arm DDT

Learn how to debug applications with Arm DDT.

Discover and fix I/O performance issues

Debugging Fortran

Debugging applications for Intel Xeon Phi

Debug user-defined data types and containers

Debugging at petascale

Debugging common C++ memory issues

Profiling applications with Arm MAP

These videos show how to use Arm MAP to profile your applications.

Detect and solve workload imbalances

Arm MAP in action

Profiling when working with a batch scheduler

Profiling MPI code - CFD example

Profiling C code - an example from Genomics