Linux user-space Fortran compiler

Tailored for HPC and scientific codes, with support for popular Fortran and OpenMP standards and tuned for leading server-class Arm-based platforms. Available as part of the Arm Compiler for HPC package

  • ARM C/C++ Compiler
  • Based on LLVM

    Built on the open source Flang front-end, and the LLVM‑based optimization and code generation back-end.

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  • Get started

    A complete workflow from installation to compiling your first program with Arm Fortran Compiler.

    Get started
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  • Reference guide

    Reference manual describing Arm's implementation of Fortran language including standard support.

    Fortran reference
  • A program that is running on a desktop.
  • Porting and tuning 

    Instructions to build and run popular HPC and scientific workloads with Arm Fortran Compiler

    Porting and tuning
  • Manual containing technical information.
  • Compiler orientation guides

    Guides to Arm Fortran Compiler for developers using other compilers.

    Orientation guides
  • High performance computing.
  • OpenMP support in Arm Fortran Compiler

    Guide to OpenMP support in Arm Fortran Compiler.

    OpenMP support

Help and support

Get in touch if you have questions, doubts or want to raise an issue. The vast majority of requests are answered within a single working day.

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Information regarding Arm Fortran Compiler

Q: How do I get access to the Arm Fortran Compiler?
Arm Fortran Compiler is available as part of Arm Compiler for HPC package in Arm Allinea Studio tools suite. To get started using Arm Fortran Compiler, see our Installation and Getting started guides.

Q: Which Fortran standards are supported?
Arm Fortran Compiler supports Fortran 2003 and prior language versions. Some Fortran 2008 features are supported - refer to Fortran 2008 supported features for more information. More information is available in the Fortran Compiler Language Reference guide.

Q: Which Fortran intrinsics are supported?
See our Fortran instrinsics reference topic for information intrinsic support within Arm Fortran Compiler.

Q: Which Linux distributions are supported?
Arm Fortran Compiler is available on several Linux distributions including Ubuntu, RHEL and SUSE. See supported platforms for further information.

Q: Which Armv8-A SoCs are supported? 
Arm Fortran Compiler works on any 64-bit Armv8-A based platform running Linux. The compiler has specific performance tuning for Cavium ThunderX2 and Arm Cortex-A57 based SoftIron OverDrive systems.

Q: Does it support SVE? 
The Arm Fortran Compiler supports the generation of SVE code.