Tools to explore SVE architecture extension

Compile with Arm Compiler for HPC, run on Arm Instruction Emulator and analyze with Arm Code Advisor

SVE Specification

Arm Architecture Reference Manual Supplement - The Scalable Vector Extension (SVE), for Armv8-A Beta

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Arm C/C++/Fortran Compiler

Commercial C/C++/Fortran compiler from Arm for Linux user-space HPC applications with complete SVE support

Compiling C/C++ code for Arm SVE architectures

Arm Instruction Emulator (Beta)

Run SVE binaries on existing Armv8-A hardware

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Arm Code Advisor

Simple, actionable advice to tune your HPC application on Arm. Combines static and dynamic information to produce actionable insights

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Information regarding SVE tools

Q: How do I get access to SVE tools?
SVE tools are available in two separate packages - Arm Compiler for HPC package with Arm SVE C/C++/Fortran Compiler and Arm Instruction Emulator (Beta) package.  For details on how to access each of these tools, please have a look at the package pages.