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DS-5 Licenses

DS-5 Development Studio is license managed. You must install a valid license file to use DS-5. A license is a file containing information about the type, duration, and the features enabled by the license.

Licenses are assigned to a single legal entity. Contact your local Sales office if your license is to be shared by more than one legal entity.

DS-5 Editions

DS-5 editions range from Ultimate Edition to the free Community Edition, or to vendor-specific editions that are useful for development on silicon from a specific silicon vendor. Your license unlocks the functionality of a specific DS-5 edition. Once you have added your license, select it in ARM License Manager to activate it.

Review and compare DS-5 editions or the customized toolkits. If you would like to evaluate DS-5, you can try the free 30-day evaluation version of DS-5 Ultimate Edition.

DS-5 license types

The following license types are available for DS-5:

  • Node-locked licenses - A good choice for single workstation installations. Licenses are locked to the host ID (media access control (MAC) address) of your workstation.
  • Floating licenses - Use if there are more potential users than purchased licenses. A floating license is not limited to a particular workstation, but rather up to the maximum number of licenses specified in the license file.

    A floating license-managed installation of DS-5 consists of server and client computers:

    • Server - The license and ARM floating license server utilities are installed on it. The floating license server controls the number of copies of the licensed product component in use at any one time, up to the maximum number of licenses purchased. Floating licenses are locked to the host ID of the server.
    • Client - DS-5 is installed on the client. There can be more clients than purchased licenses, as long as they are used at different times.

Read the Installing floating licenses tutorial for more information.

Node-locked and floating licenses can be purchased with different length terms. All new licenses include one year of support and maintenance, entitling you to technical support, updates, and upgrade patches. You can still use DS-5 if support and maintenance entitlement expires (permanent licenses only), but you cannot activate new updates or patches.

ARM License Manager and ARM Licensing Portal

When you buy a license for DS-5, you are provided with a serial number or activation code unique to your license and toolkit. Use this to generate your license file using the ARM License Manager (for node-locked licenses) or from the ARM licensing portal (for floating licenses).

ARM License Manager

The ARM License Manager is used to request, install, or view licenses from within DS-5. To display the ARM License Manager, start Eclipse for DS-5, then select Help > ARM License Manager.

ARM License Manager screenshot in DS-5 showing a license file

Using the Add license option in the ARM License Manager, you can:

  • Enter your serial number or activation code and install node-locked licenses.
  • Configure a client to use floating licenses.
  • Generate a 30-day evaluation license for DS-5 Ultimate Edition.
  • Manually obtain a license from the ARM web licensing portal.

Once you have installed your license, select the toolkit from the list of toolkits.

ARM Licensing Portal

The ARM Licensing Portal is used to manage your licenses and support entitlements.

Using the ARM Licensing Portal, you can:

  • Generate license files using the serial number assigned to you.
  • Retrieve your existing license details.
  • Rehost your license to a different workstation or server.


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