Product and toolkit configuration

Arm products are available in different flavors, for example:

  • Keil MDK-Professional Edition, Keil MDK-Plus Edition, and Keil MDK-Essential Edition.
  • DS-5 Professional Edition and DS-5 Ultimate Edition.

These products and toolkits support different feature sets. The toolkits are described to their components, for example Arm Compiler, as "tool variants". Despite there being different variants of a given toolchain, the installer does not support custom installations. This means that all components and features are installed and your toolkit and its license determines which components and feature may or may not be used. For example, a DS-5 Ultimate Edition license permits the use of all of the installed components, whereas a DS-5 Professional Edition license does not enable some features. Depending on your license(s), you might be able to select from a number of different tool variants.

If the tool variant is not correctly set, or a component such as Arm Compiler is not correctly configured to work with an installed toolkit such as DS-5, you might see errors relating to the product configuration.

General recommendations

Arm recommends using the Arm Compiler in a supported environment such as Eclipse for DS-5, the DS-5 Command Prompt, or μVision IDE for MDK-ARM. However, it is also possible to use Arm compiler outside these environments. The following sections describe the configuration in each case.

Resolving tool variant related error messages within Eclipse IDE

The toolkits listed by the Arm License Manager are determined by the licenses that are available. For example, the Arm DS-5 Ultimate Edition option will only appear in the list if the available licenses support Arm DS-5 Ultimate Edition.

  • Launch Eclipse for DS-5.
  • Open the Arm License Manager window from the Help menu.
  • Confirm that the Configuration tab contains your license, and if not use the Add License... feature.
  • Select the toolkit from the drop down list.

Resolving tool variant related error messages within μVision IDE

Check that you have installed the correct license file within the License Management window. If you are still experiencing issues using the tools contact Keil Support.

Resolving tool variant related error messages within the DS-5 Command Prompt

Make sure that you use the select_toolchain or select_default_toolchain command before attempting to use the tools.

Resolving tool variant related error messages when using Arm tools in a non-Arm supplied environment

If you intend to use Arm Compiler in an alternative environment, for example, a standard Command Prompt in Windows, you will need to manually configure your tool variant and check that the tools can locate the corresponding toolkit.

If you are using DS-5, to set the location of the toolkit you must set the ARM_PRODUCT_PATH environment variable to the location of the sw/mappings directory within your DS-5 installation. If you are using Keil MDK, the Arm Compiler toolchain must be installed within the MDK installation tree and configured from within MDK.

For the latest versions of Arm Compiler it is recommended to set the tool variant using the ARM_TOOL_VARIANT environment variable. Older versions of Arm Compiler do not use the ARM_TOOL_VARIANT environment variable and instead it is necessary to use the --tool_variant=<opt> option.

The value of ARM_TOOL_VARIANT or --tool_variant=<opt> should be set according to the table below. For DS-5 Professional Edition, leave the tool variant unset.

License Tool variant <opt>
DS-5 Ultimate Edition ult
DS-5 Ultimate Evaluation Edition ulteval
DS-5 Professional Evaluation Edition ds5eval
DS-5 Altera Edition altera
DS-5 Starter Kit for Renesas RZ renrz_sk
DS-5 Renesas RZ Edition renrz_tk
DS-5 Starter Kit for Vybrid Controllers vf6xx_sk
DS-5 Vybrid Controller Edition vf6xx_tk
MDK-Professional Edition mdk_pro_flex
MDK-Plus Edition mdk_std_flex
MDK-Essential Edition mdk_cm_std_flex

If DS-5 has been correctly configured, the prefix can be found in the Product Information reported in the Diagnostics tab of the Arm License Manager.

Arm Compiler 6

When using Arm Compiler 6.01 or later set the ARM_TOOL_VARIANT environment variable as follows:

When using Arm Compiler version 6.00 set environment variables as follows:

Alternatively, specify the option directly on the command-line, for example:
armclang --tool_variant=<opt> --target=aarch64-arm-none-eabi -c main.c

Arm Compiler 5

When using Arm Compiler 5.04 update 3 or later set the ARM_TOOL_VARIANT environment variable as follows: ARM_TOOL_VARIANT=<opt>

When using Arm Compiler 5.02, Arm Compiler 5.03, and earlier releases of Arm Compiler 5.04, set environment variables as follows:

Alternatively, specify the option directly on the command-line, for example:
armcc --tool_variant=<opt> -c main.c