Open Source Mali GPUs UMP User-Space Drivers Source Code

Open Source Mali GPUs UMP User-Space Drivers Source Code

Open Source Mali GPUs UMP User Space Drivers Source Code under Apache License

This package contains the source code which defines the UMP (Unified Memory Provider) user space API Source Code for Mali GPUs

This is the UMP (Unified Memory Provider) user space library that can be used together with the UMP kernel device driver. It implements the UMP user space API, which offers an easy to use access to shareable memory for user space application.

This package is required by the Android Gralloc module and X11 EXA/DRI2 module.


The UMP module handles:

  • Access to allocated UMP memory through a secure ID. This enables memory to be shared across different applications, drivers and hardware components to facilitate zero-copy operations
  • The physical address information required to set up an MMU or MPU table
  • A method to map UMP memory into CPU address space, to enable reading and writing

DX910-SW-99006-r8p1-00rel0.tgz UMP drivers r8p1 released on 11th January 2018 25 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r8p0-01rel0.tgz Released 15 Sep 2017 25 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r7p0-00rel1.tgz Released 20 Jan 2017 23 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r7p0-00rel0.tgz Released 13 Sep 2016 22 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r6p2-01rel0.tgz Released 14 Jul 2016 23 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r6p1-01rel0.tgz Released 2 Mar 2016 23 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r6p0-01rel1.tgz Released 13 Jan 2016 22 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r6p0-01rel0.tgz Released 10 Nov 2015 22 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r5p2-00rel0.tgz Released 19 May 2015 22 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r5p1-01rel0.tgz Released 17 Mar 2015 22 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r5p0-01rel0.tgz Released 11 Nov 2014 22 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r4p1-01rel0.tgz Released 7 Jul 2014 22 KB
DX910-SW-99006-r4p0-00rel1.tgz Released 6 May 2014 22 KB