Open Source Mali Video Kernel Device Driver

Source code for the Mali Video Kernel Device Driver, released under a GPLv2 license.

The Android version of the Mali Video DDK includes a device driver component which runs within the Linux kernel. This component provides low-level access to the Mali Video processor.

Note that the kernel device driver is just one part of the complete driver stack. To enable hardware accelerated video decoding and encoding in Android you need access to the full source code of the Mali Video DDK, which is provided under the standard Arm commercial license to all Mali Video customers, and the Mali Video firmwares. For a complete integration of the Mali Video DDK with Android refer to the integration guide supplied with the Mali Video DDK.

The open source drivers provided here are designed to run with a version compatible release of the Mali Video DDK.

Download the Mali Video Kernel Device Driver

VD304K03A-SW-98002-r5p0-00rel0.tgz r5p0 Android - released on 17th November 2017 163 KB