Corstone foundation IP diagram.

The Corstone-200 Foundation IP offers:

  • The fastest secure solution to lead in the IoT market

  • A toolkit to build secure embedded systems

  • A subsystem and configurable system IP package

Technical Overview

This document provides information for hardware or software engineers who want an overview of the functionality in the Corstone-200 foundation IP.

*Note that Corstone-200 foundation IP was formerly named SDK-200.

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About Corstone-200 Foundation IP

The Corstone-200 foundation IP complements Cortex-M processors, including the latest Armv8-M generation. It is composed of a subsystem and system IP, allowing you to get ahead in the development of secure custom SoCs for IoT or embedded applications!

The SSE-200 subsystem included in the Corstone-200 foundation IP is a fantastic foundation to your Cortex-M design. This subsystem is based on the latest Cortex-M33, with Arm TrustZone support. Deep-rooting security at the foundation of your SoC, TrustZone technology is key to all IoT and embedded applications.

Hardware-securing a system means that many filters need to be implemented to protect memories, peripherals, and enforce access rules at a system level. All of this is pre-integrated and ready to use in the SSE-200 subsystem.

In addition to this, you will need software libraries. Arm also provides open-source permissive licenced software examples to help you with the SSE-200 subsystem. Software for SSE-200 is available via multiple options: an Mbed OS port for providing a complete IoT example and Keil MDK pack with bare-metal drivers in a known tool chain environment. This helps you build firmware faster and cheaper for your system. An FPGA implementation of the subsystem can even be downloaded from the Arm website and can be used immediately for prototyping.

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Moreover, the SSE-200 subsystem follows the reference security architecture for Armv8-M processors. This means you are immediately set to participate in a complete ecosystem around security for embedded devices. The other elements of the Corstone-200 foundation IP help you build your system quickly, securely and reliably. Use them to customize your system or to design your architecture from the ground up. The system components are here to help you get there in the most optimal way.

Key elements of Corstone-200 Foundation IP

The elements of the Corstone-200 foundation IP are a super-set of Corstone-100 foundation IP.

  • SSE-200 Subsystem – A TrustZone-enabled subsystem with the latest power-management technology, based on Cortex-M33

  • SIE-200 System IP – All the components you need to create TrustZone-enabled systems: AHB5 interconnect generator, memory/peripheral protection controllers, bridges, plus much more.

  • SSE-050 Subsystem – An efficient and expandable subsystem based on Cortex-M3

  • Cortex-M System Design Kit - Which include a multi-layer AHB generator to connect everything in your system in a reliable and efficient way, bridges, adaptors and controllers. Also features a few system examples to inspire your future design.

  • AHB Flash Cache – To get the most of Flash-based systems (either with embedded Flash or external Flash), an efficient cache system is necessary. Within a compact area, this block significantly improves performance and power consumption of your SoC.

  • RTC – A real-time clock for applications that need to maintain a time base, which is likely to be the case of all embedded applications!

  • TRNG – Security cannot be a second thought! The True Random Number Generator is the minimum element that you have to integrate in a device to ensure a strong security foundation.

The Corstone-200 foundation IP is the fastest way to get to secure silicon. Save time, risk and effort and use it in combination with your Cortex-M processor.

Application for Corstone-200 Foundation IP

The Corstone-200 foundation IP enables many IoT-related use cases, including these examples:


Secure implementation for automotive applications, including parking sensors and much more.

Smart home

Enabling connected intelligence across the home, including smart meters, connected lighting, connected appliances and much more.


Empowering tracking of utilities, including power and water distribution. Road traffic monitoring, including vehicle counting and pollution estimates.

Smart cities

Enabling cloud management for connected cities, public services and building managers. Offering data insights that can have a positive environmental and financial impact.


Power efficient wearables and fitness monitoring, with Arm TrustZone for trusted security for personal wearable data.



Offering better care at a lower cost, across health-centric applications. Enabling preventative care for those who need it most, applications include blood sugar monitors and heart rate trackers.


Enabling robotic operation in a range of markets, including toys, motor control and much more.


Asset and inventory management, both in store and in the warehouse. Allowing accurate tracking and protection against theft. Localised advertisement via IoT beacons, plus the possibility in the future for smart product packaging.

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