Knowledge Articles

In this section you can find articles to help you get started with Cycle Models.


These blogs provide an introduction to various Cycle Model products and help you use them effectively.

Software Driven System Verification of Arm-based SoC Designs

This account discusses the importance of system verification in understanding true system behavior and fixing problems earlier in the design cycle.

Optimization of Systems Containing the NIC-400

This article and webinar discusses the importance of accurate models for the NIC-400 for system tasks ranging from IP selection to accurate firmware bringup and debug.

Sometimes Hardware Details Matter in Arm Embedded Systems Programming

This account highlights the challenges embedded systems engineers often face and reminds developers to watch out for hardware details when building and debugging a system running software.

Unified Virtual Prototypes: Fast and Accurate?

This tutorial explains the benefits of unified virtual prototypes to achieve both speed and accuracy in models.

IP Selection: Arm Cortex-A9 or Cortex-A7?

This article explains how Cycle Models can be used to decide which IP an architect should select to design their products with.

Optimization of Systems Containing the Arm CoreLink CCN-504

This article explores the Arm Cortex-A57 CPAK which has been configured for AMBA 5 CHI and the CoreLink CCN-504 Cache Coherent Network. The system has a single core running 64-bit bare-metal software with memory and a PL011 UART.