The MPS2 and MPS3 FPGA Prototyping Boards

The Arm MPS2 and MPS3 FPGA Prototyping Boards enable FPGA prototyping for Cortex-M based designs with a range of debug options.

MPS2+ FPGA Prototyping Board

The MPS2+ FPGA Prototyping Board is supplied with fixed encrypted FPGA implementations of all the Cortex-M processors. This board is ideal to prototype your application and select the right Cortex-M processor. It also comes as a complement to the Arm DesignStart program.


MPS3 FPGA Prototyping Board

The MPS3 FPGA Prototyping Board features a larger FPGA to enable the prototyping of more ambitious systems. It also provides many additional expansion capabilities, to allow connecting different systems together easily.

Arm Cortex-M Prototyping System 3 (MPS3) board image

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