Versatile Express LogicTile overview

LogicTile Express is the plug-in FPGA daughterboards for the Juno Arm Development Platform.


  •  Prototyping and validation of custom ASIC IP alongside an Arm processor in silicon in Juno)

The LogicTile Express 20MG is the recommended choice for FPGA expansion with the Juno Arm Development Platform.





LogicTile Express 20MG
LogicTile name (short) V2F-1XV7 or LTE-20MG
Part number V2F-1XV7-0313A
PCB number HBI-0247
Datasheet Datasheet
Manuals User Guide
FPGA Family Virtex 7
FPGA XC7V2000T / XC7V2000T-CES
SDRAM 4GB DDR3 SODIMM (included)
Programmable Clocks 6
User Switches 8 DIP switches
User LEDs 9
PCIe connectivity 4 Rx/Tx lanes up, 4 Rx/Tx lanes down
SATA connectors Host + Device, 2×Rx/Tx lanes each
HSSTP connector N/A
Further upward IO 440 single-ended signals (HDRX/Y)
Stackable with other LTE Yes, up to 8 LTE-20MG boards
Power supply From motherboard + 12V DC PCIe
Expansion boards HDMI IO board