Software Development Without a Hardware Target

Running at speeds comparable to the real hardware, Fixed Virtual platforms are complete simulations of an ARM system, including processor, memory and peripherals. These are set out in a "programmer's view", which gives you a comprehensive model on which to build and test your software.

Complete ARM System Simulation

Fixed Virtual Platforms give you a great way to start bare metal coding and Linux application development for ARM without the need for a physical target.

The complete ARM system model represented by FVPs is much more than just an instruction set simulator. With a processor, memory and other peripherals modelled within an FVP, you can get a good analog for how software will execute on the physical device.

Develop Ahead of Hardware Availability

With FVPs, your software engineering team can work on application, firmware and early driver development far ahead of hardware availability. 

In cases where a large team is working on “generic” device support, models remove the need for a large number of hardware targets. For newer technologies such as big.LITTLE, this can also be very useful. 

Quick Reference

ARM processors are available in a variety of Fixed Virtual Platforms. Read our technical documentation for more information on programming FVPs, or contact us for evaluations.

FVPs for System Guidance (Mobile and Infrastructure)

System Guidance bundles are ARM deliverables which include documentation to guide SoC design and a reference software stack validated on a Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP). Details of System Guidance (formerly Reference Data) for Mobile and Infrastructure can be requested from your ARM account team. The FVPs for system guidance can be downloaded by following one of the links below. System guidance FVPs require a license. Please contact ARM to request a license.

ARMv8 Architecture FVPs

Fixed Virtual Platforms for development of software for ARMv8-A and ARMv8-M. The platform includes the Architecture Envelope Model for ARMv8 and a comprehensive set of SystemIP. Compatible with reference Linux and Android software stacks from Linaro. The FVPs are updated quarterly and model the latest published architecture specifications.

ARMv8-A Core FVPs

ARMv7-A Core FVPs

ARM Cortex-R Core FVPs

ARM Cortex-M Core FVPs