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3.1. ARMv8-A Foundation Model memory map

This section describes the memory map for the ARMv8-A Foundation Model.

Table 3.1 shows the Secure and Non-secure access permissions enabled through the use of the --(no)-secure-memory parameter that Command line overview describes.

Table 3.1. Access permissions
SSecure and Non-secure access permittedSecure access permitted, Non-secure access aborts
S/NSSecure and Non-secure access permittedSecure and Non-secure access permitted

Table 3.2 shows the global memory map for the ARMv8-A Foundation Model. This map is based on the Versatile Express RS2 memory map with extensions.


  • Areas of memory highlighted in the table return a warning to the console, together with RAZ/WI access behavior if accessed in the Foundation v2 Model, unless you use the --quiet command line option.

  • Writes are ignored.

  • Accesses from Foundation v1 Model cause an Abort exception.


The Security (v2 only) column in Table 3.2 applies to the Foundation v2 Model only.

Table 3.2. ARMv8-A Foundation Model memory map
Start addressEnd addressFoundation v1 peripheralFoundation v2 peripheralSize


(v2 only)

0x00_0000_00000x00_03FF_FFFFRAMTrusted Boot ROM, secureflash64MBS
0x00_0403_FFFFTrusted SRAM256KBS
0x00_0600_0000 0x00_07FF_FFFF Trusted DRAM32MBS
0x00_0800_00000x00_0BFF_FFFF-NOR flash, flash064MBS/NS
0x00_0C00_00000x00_0FFF_FFFF-NOR flash, flash164MBS/NS
0x00_1800_00000x00_19FF_FFFF-Warning + RAZ/WI  
0x00_1A00_00000x00_1AFF_FFFF Ethernet, SMSC 91C111Ethernet, SMSC 91C11116MBS/NS
0x00_1C01_00000x00_1C01_FFFFSystem RegistersSystem Registers64KBS/NS
0x00_1C02_00000x00_1C02_FFFF -System Controller, SP81064KBS/NS
0x00_1C04_00000x00_1C07_FFFF-Warning + RAZ/WI  
0x00_1C09_00000x00_1C09_FFFFUART0, PL011UART0, PL01164KBS/NS
0x00_1C0A_00000x00_1C0A_FFFFUART1, PL011UART1, PL01164KBS/NS
0x00_1C0B_00000x00_1C0B_FFFFUART2, PL011UART2, PL01164KBS/NS
0x00_1C0C_00000x00_1C0C_FFFFUART3, PL011UART3, PL01164KBS/NS
0x00_1C0D_00000x00_1C0D_FFFF-Warning + RAZ/WI--
0x00_1C0F_00000x00_1C0F_FFFF-Watchdog, SP80564KBS/NS
0x00_1C10_00000x00_1C10_FFFF-Base Platform Power Controller64KBS/NS
0x00_1C11_00000x00_1C11_FFFF-Dual-Timer 0, SP80464KBS/NS
0x00_1C12_00000x00_1C12_FFFF-Dual-Timer 1, SP80464KBS/NS
0x00_1C13_00000x00_1C13_FFFFVirtio block deviceVirtio block device64KBS/NS
0x00_1C14_00000x00_1C16_FFFF-Warning + RAZ/W--
0x00_1C17_00000x00_1C17_FFFF-Realtime Clock, PL03164KBS/NS
0x00_1C1A_00000x00_1FFF_FFFF-Warning + RAZ/W--
0x00_1F00_0000 0x00_1F00_0FFF-Non-trusted ROM4KBS/NS
0x00_2A43_00000x00_2A43_FFFF-REFCLK CNTControl, Generic Timer64KBS
0x00_2A44_00000x00_2A44_FFFF-EL2 Generic Watchdog Control64KBS/NS
0x00_2A45_00000x00_2A45_FFFF-EL2 Generic Watchdog Refresh64KBS/NS
0x00_2A49_00000x00_2A49_FFFF-Trusted Watchdog, SP80564KBS
0x00_2A4A_00000x00_2A4A_FFFF-Warning + RAZ/W--
0x00_2A80_00000x00_2A80_FFFF-REFCLK CNTRead, Generic Timer64KBS/NS
0x00_2A81_00000x00_2A81_FFFF-AP_REFCLK CNTCTL, Generic Timer64KBS/NS
0x00_2A82_00000x00_2A82_FFFF-AP_REFCLK CNTBase0, Generic Timer64KBS
0x00_2A83_00000x00_2A83_FFFF-AP_REFCLK CNTBase1, Generic Timer64KBS/NS
0x00_2C00_00000x00_2C00_1FFF-GIC Physical CPU interface, GICCb8KBS/NS

GIC Distributor

GIC Distributor[a]

0x00_2C00_20000x00_2C00_2FFFGIC Processor InterfaceGIC Processor Interfacea4KB-
0x00_2C00_40000x00_2C00_4FFFGIC Processor Hyp InterfaceGIC Processor Hyp Interfacea4KB-
0x00_2C00_50000x00_2C00_5FFFGIC Hyp InterfaceGIC Hyp Interfacea4KB-
0x00_2C00_60000x00_2C00_7FFFGIC Virtual CPU InterfaceGIC Virtual CPU Interfacea8KB-
0x00_2C01_00000x00_2C01_0FFF-GIC Virtual Interface Control, GICHb4KBS/NS
0x00_2C02_F0000x00_2C03_0FFF-GIC Virtual CPU Interface, GICVb8KBS/NS
0x00_2C09_00000x00_2C09_FFFF-Warning + RAZ/W  
0x00_2E00_00000x00_2E00_FFFF-Non-trusted SRAM64KBS/NS

GICv3 Distributor GICD[b]

0x00_2F02_00000x00_2F03_FFFF-GICv3 Distributor ITSb128KBS/NS
0x00_2F10_00000x00_2F1F_FFFF-GICv3 Distributor GICRb1MBS/NS
0x00_7FE6_00000x00_7FE6_0FFF-Trusted Random Number Generator4KBS
0x00_7FE7_00000x00_7FE7_0FFF-Trusted Non-volatile counters4KBS
0x00_7FE8_00000x00_7FE8_0FFF-Trusted Root-Key Storage4KBS
0x00_8000_00000x00_FFFF_FFFFDRAM (0GB - 2GB) DRAM (0GB - 2GB) 2GBS/NS
0x08_8000_00000x09_FFFF_FFFFDRAM (2GB - 8GB) DRAM (2GB - 8GB) 6GBS/NS

[a] The Foundation v2 Model uses the GICv2 memory map by default, or if you use the --no-gicv3 configuration parameter that Command line overview describes.

[b] The Foundation v2 Model uses the GICv3 memory map if you use the --gicv3 configuration parameter that Command line overview describes.

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