CoreLink SSE-050 subsystem overview

The CoreLink SSE-050 subsystem is an entry-level system that allows designers to quickly get the foundation of their IoT or embedded system, ready to run mbed OS out of the box! 

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The Corstone-100 foundation IP, containing SSE-050, is included in DesignStart, as part of a comprehensive solution for faster, simpler custom SoC development

SSE-050 Technical Reference Manual

About Arm CoreLink SSE-050 subsystem

Based around the Cortex-M3 processor, the subsystem is ready to connect your external peripherals to design your custom solution. It is also modifiable, so that you can tune it to your needs without having to build your system from the ground up.

In order to get better performance, lower power and improved integration, you can choose to connect it to an embedded Flash. If you want to follow that route and are using TSMC 55ULP technology, you can even use the CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem, which includes the necessary Flash Cache and Flash Controller. You also have the option of connecting the code interface in any other way, even integrating the subsystem as part of a larger system. 

Similarly, its expansion ports allow you to have a very high level of flexibility. This makes the CoreLink SSE-050 subsystem a great start for your next SoC.

Applications for CoreLink SSE-050 subsystem

The CoreLink SSE-050 subsystem enables many IoT-related use cases, including these examples: 


Secure implementation for automotive applications, including parking sensors and much more.


Enabling robotic operation in a range of markets, including toys, motor control and much more.


Power efficient wearables and fitness monitoring, with Arm TrustZone for trusted security for personal wearable data.

Smart home

Enabling connected intelligence across the home, including smart meters, connected lighting, connected appliances and much more.



Offering better care at a lower cost, across health-centric applications. Enabling preventative care for those who need it most, applications include blood sugar monitors and heart rate trackers.


Asset and inventory management, both in store and in the warehouse. Allowing accurate tracking and protection against theft. Localised advertisement via IoT beacons, plus the possibility in the future for smart product packaging.


Empowering tracking of utilities, including power and water distribution. Road traffic monitoring, including vehicle counting and pollution estimates.

Smart cities

Enabling cloud management for connected cities, public services and building managers. Offering data insights that can have a positive environmental and financial impact.

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Download Mbed OS software for the SSE-050 subsystem

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