About CoreLink SSE-200

The Arm CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem is the fastest way to get your next project to tape-out and to create successful secure IoT chips. It integrates the core components of your system in a validated foundation that you can trust.

The CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem is a component of the Corstone-200 and Corstone-201 foundation IP.

Corstone Foundation IP

The CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem is included in the Corstone-200 and Corstone-201 foundation IP - the fastest secure solution to lead in the IoT market.

Technical Overview

This document provides information for hardware or software engineers who want an overview of the functionality in the
CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem.

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The flexible architecture for your future secure IoT designs

Building security into an embedded system and integrating all the necessary components take a significant amount of time and effort. The CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem aims to make this difficult process easier, by integrating and validating Arm IP in one system. The CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem is based on a two-core structure, and integrates features you would expect to find in best-in-class IoT chips. 

The CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem integrates the following Arm IP:

  • Arm Cortex-M33 processor

  • Arm CoreLink SIE-200

  • Instruction caches with Arm TrustZone support

  • Power infrastructure components

  • CoreSight SoC

  • Arm TrustZone CryptoCell (option)

Get security right

It is a challenge to implement security in a device with tight constraints on size and power consumption. Arm has designed security into the heart of the CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem, with  different components responsible for device security, communication security and lifecycle security.

Yet security for the hardware components alone is not enough. The CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem has security integrated at the software level. This ensures you start from a good foundation and can build a very secure overall system. You benefit from our strong security expertise, which has been gathered and harnessed to create the CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem and its constituents: 

  • Arm TrustZone security technology

  • Arm CoreLink SIE-200 system IP

  • Arm TrustZone CryptoCell

  • Secure components of Mbed OS

Key features

The flexibility to build your own system

The SSE-200 subsystem gives you the flexibility to build your own system, so it is the right size and tailored for your application. Several blocks in the CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem are optional. It is possible to select:

  • One of two Cortex-M33 cores

  • TrustZone CryptoCell

  • Cordio Radio

    Verified configuration options are also available

  • Processor configuration and frequencies options

  • RAM sizes and partitioning

  • Cache sizes

Different IoT applications have different requirements, but a very common feature is the need to reduce the power consumption. Reducing power consumption is imperative in IoT designs – if this is ignored, the result could be billions of IoT devices wasting energy.

A dual-core system allows the background OS to run on the energy efficient core, while the second high performance core can be turned on for more demanding tasks. This partitioning delivers significant performance bursts while keeping the average power consumption very low.

Caches have also been integrated in the system to reduce power consuming accesses to the Flash, and the always-on domain allows the application to power-off the system while keeping synchronization.

Applications for CoreLink SSE-200

The CoreLink SSE-200 enables many IoT-related use cases, including these examples:


Secure implementation for automotive applications, including parking sensors and much more.



Offering better care at a lower cost, across health-centric applications. Enabling preventative care for those who need it most, applications include blood sugar monitors and heart rate trackers.


Empowering tracking of utilities, including power and water distribution. Road traffic monitoring, including vehicle counting and pollution estimates.

Smart cities

Enabling cloud management for connected cities, public services and building managers. Offering data insights that can have a positive environmental and financial impact.

Smart home

Enabling connected intelligence across the home, including smart meters, connected lighting, connected appliances and much more.


Power efficient wearables and fitness monitoring, with Arm TrustZone for trusted security for personal wearable data.


Asset and inventory management, both in store and in the warehouse. Allowing accurate tracking and protection against theft. Localised advertisement via IoT beacons, plus the possibility in the future for smart product packaging.


Enabling robotic operation in a range of markets, including toys, motor control and much more.

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