CoreLink SDK-200 System Design Kit

The best companion to ARM® Cortex®-M processors!

To be efficient and to create the best products in the shortest possible time, every designer needs a great toolbox.

With the requirements for power efficiency and security increasing, plus the emergence of new architecture improvements for embedded systems - it is now necessary to upgrade the toolbox. The new ARM CoreLink™ SDK-200 System Design Kit is the perfect solution.

This new product is composed of several components that will help designers save significant time. It will also give designers much better confidence in the end product – as all the ARM IP in the CoreLink SDK-200 has followed the same high quality standards, which are industry-approved.


The CoreLink SDK-200 can be used in all applications requiring the use of Cortex-M processors - this covers all embedded and IoT applications. It also includes applications where a low-power processing element, would complement more powerful Cortex-A or Cortex-R processors.

Application Icons



The following components are included in CoreLink SDK-200:

  • CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem – A pre-validated Cortex®-M33 based subsystem to quickly get the foundation of your TrustZone-enabled system, ready to use or customize 
  • CoreLink SIE-200 system IP components and interconnect – The essential IP to support the latest AHB5 standard and complement the new ARMv8-M processors 
  • CMSDK system IP components, peripherals and interconnect – The best-selling IP package to quickly implement AMBA systems for Cortex-M processors
  • AHB Flash Cache – A very efficient cache system to improve performance and reduce power consumption in Flash-based embedded systems

Key Benefits

  • Reduced risk – compliant with the reference security architecture used by ARM ecosystem
  • Improved time to market - the fastest and most efficient way to design secure embedded and IoT systems
  • CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem is pre-integrated and verified to allow you to focus your engineering resource on differentiation
  • Ready to use with software support: mbed OS is running on the subsystem out of the box, and ARM-provided open-sources software libraries are ready to use and customize
  • Mix and match: CoreLink SDK-200 contains many components which can be used alone or in combination, to match your system needs
  • Modification rights to the subsystem, allowing in-depth customization
  • All elements of the CoreLink SDK-200 are proven in silicon and/or FPGA

Security tools


The CoreLink SDK-200 contains components that help you build secure solutions. The key element of this security toolbox is the CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem. This gives you a reference architecture, which is already used by the ARM ecosystem to build secure embedded and IoT systems. The subsystem also uses complementary ARM IP, such as ARM TrustZone CryptoCell, which brings an additional layer of security. The subsystem is built and can be extended with the many components from the CoreLink SIE-200 system IP, also part of the CoreLink SDK-200 package.

ARM also provides open-source software to help you build secure solutions for IoT – which have been co-developed and are ready to run on the CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem. These libraries and dedicated ports of several software solutions like mbed OS and other RTOS help ARM’s partners to get secure devices in a shorter time, with a much lower risk.