Arm CoreLink SDK-100 system design kit

The best companion for your Arm Cortex-M processor

CoreLink SDK-100 overview

The CoreLink SDK-100 system design kit offers:

  • Best companionship for the Arm Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4 processors
  • A toolkit to build secure embedded systems
  • A subsystem and configurable system IP package

Key applications for the CoreLink SDK-100 include:

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The CoreLink SDK-100 is included in Arm DesignStart as part of a comprehensive, simplified solution for custom SoC development.

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About the CoreLink SDK-100

The CoreLink SDK-100 System Design Kit is the essential toolkit for your next Arm Cortex-M based design. It contains a subsystem and system IP and brings together all the core elements needed in your SoC.

The CoreLink SSE-050 subsystem, which is included within the CoreLink SDK-100, gives you a head start. It is based on a Cortex-M3 and is a typical system for IoT applications. This helps design teams to benefit from the large ecosystem of complementary hardware and software.

When you use the subsystem as the foundation of your SoC, you can benefit from readily available open-source software that runs out of the box. This software, provided by Arm, is supplied with a permissive license allowing you to tailor it to your product requirements.

The other elements of the CoreLink SDK-100 help you build your system quickly and reliably. They also give you all the flexibility to design your desired architecture.

Key elements of CoreLink SDK-100

The elements of the CoreLink SDK-100 are:

  • CoreLink SSE-050 Subsystem – An efficient and expandable subsystem based on Cortex-M3
  • CMSDK – Which includes a multi-layer AHB generator to connect everything in your system in a reliable and efficient way, bridges, adaptors and controllers. It even features a few system examples to inspire your future design.
  • AHB Flash Cache – To get the most of Flash-based systems (either with embedded Flash or external Flash), an efficient cache system is necessary. Within a compact area, this block significantly improves performance and power consumption of your SoC.
  • RTC – A real-time clock for applications that need to maintain a time base, which is likely to be the case for all embedded applications!
  • TRNG – Security cannot be a second thought! The True Random Number Generator is the minimum element that you have to integrate in a device to ensure a strong security foundation.

Don’t look further or spend your time reinventing the wheel! Get the CoreLink SDK-100 with your Cortex-M processor, and you will save time, risk and effort.