System Guidance for Infrastructure

ARM® CoreLink™ System Guidance for Infrastructure is a collection of resources to provide a representative view of typical compute subsystems that can be designed and implemented using specific generations of ARM IP.  These compute subsystems address the expected requirements of a specific segment of the infrastructure market.

CoreLink SGI-572 System Guidance for Infrastructure


SGI-572 is the collection of resources to guide partners looking to design a Server SoC, using ARM Cortex®-A72 and CoreLink CCN-512.

ARMv8-A hardware
  • Server Based System Architecture (SBSAv3)
  • 48x Cortex-A72 or 24x Cortex-A53
  • Up to 32MB L3 cache
  • Up to 4x DDR4-3200 (DMC-520)
  • Up to 18 AXI expansion ports
  • I/O Coherent PCIe, Ethernet, Offload
Software stack
  • Standard Platform interfaces with ARM Trusted Firmware
  • Linux Kernel