ARM® CoreSight™ technology is a set of tools that can be used to debug and trace software that runs on ARM-based SoCs. Debugging features are used to observe or modify the state of parts of the design, while trace features allow for continuous collection of system information for later off-line analysis. With CoreSight, both are used together at all stages in the design flow.

  • CoreSight Components

    • CoreSight SoC-600 
    • CoreSight SoC-400
    • System Trace Macrocell
    • Trace Memory Controller
    • CoreSight ELA-500 Embedded Logic Analyzer
      CoreSight Components
    • CoreSight Architecture

      • Serial Wire Debug
      • ARM Debug Interface (ADI) Architecture
      • Architecture Specifications
      • High Speed Serial Trace Port

      CoreSight Architecture

    Tools Support

    CoreSight debug and trace is fully supported by ARM DS-5 Development Studio for the bring-up and optimization of SoCs. It is also supported by a wide array of software and hardware debug tools companies, across all markets and regions. Some examples are: 

    • Debug of symmetric multi-processing and asymmetric multicore systems with ARM DS-5 Development Studio.
    • Powerful interactive debugging with real-time visibility with Green Hills' TimeMachine.
    • Performance optimization using actual best/worst/average execution times at the instruction, block, function and task levels with Streamline.


    CoreSight IP provides all the components needed to generate a debug and trace solution that also includes cross trigger and time-stamping distribution capabilities, as well as embedded logic analysis and system trace.

    CoreSight SoC components

    The CoreSight SoC components provide all the infrastructure required at the SoC level for building a complete debug and trace infrastructure for single and multi-processing units, such as Cortex® processors. ARM offers a public CoreSight architecture specification describing standard interfaces and programmer views; this enables developers to integrate their debug and trace solution within the ARM CoreSight solution.

    The CoreSight technology offers an exhaustive range of trace macrocells including:

    • CoreSight Embedded Trace Macrocells (ETM)
    • Program Trace Macrocells (PTM)
    • System Trace Macrocell (STM)
    • Trace Memory Controller (TMC)