Arm CoreSight components provide all the infrastructure required to debug, monitor and optimize the performance of a complete System on Chip (SoC) design.

  • CoreSight Soc-600 Chip.
  • CoreSight SoC-600

    CoreSight SoC-600 builds on the capabilities of SoC-400 by adding debug and trace over any functional interface, and greater trace bandwidth.

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  • CoreSight-ELA 600 Chip.
  • CoreSight ELA-600 Embedded Logic Analyzer

    Arm next generation ELA with extended AMBA Trace Bus interface for streaming trace data, accelerates high precision debug. ELA-600 shortens system debug cycle by providing larger window for SoC signals observation.

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  • CoreSight SDC-600 Chip.
  • CoreSight SDC-600 Secure Debug Channel

    The Arm CoreSight SDC-600 Secure Debug Channel, provides a dedicated path to the debugged system for authenticating debug accesses.

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  • CoreSigh STM-500 Chip.
  • System Trace Macrocell

    The System Trace Macrocell enables real-time instrumentation of software without altering system behavior, offering for example, _fprint_ functionality.

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  • CoreSight Soc-400 Chip.
  • CoreSight SoC-400

    Provides configurable CoreSight SoC components for the generation of debug, trace, cross-trigger and time-stamping functionality. Design productivity is achieved through the use of CoreSight Creator, its companion IP integration tooling solution.

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  • CoreSight ELA-500 Chip.
  • CoreSight ELA-500 Embedded Logic Analyzer

    The Embedded Logic Analyzer provides on-chip signal trace capabilities for the identification of faults that are not otherwise easily identifiable with traditional debug methods. Thanks to its small silicon footprint, multiple instances can be used. 

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  • CoreSight Trace Memory Controller Chip.
  • Trace Memory Controller

    Trace Memory Controllers can be configured as trace buffers or FIFOs, as well as serving as trace sinks for routing trace data on- or off-chip.

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Diagram on CoreLink CCI-550 and NCI-450.


CoreSight System IP enables embedded software developers and SoC designers to develop high performance systems, both software and hardware, while decreasing development time and risks.

The CoreSight product portfolio is supported by Arm DS-5 Development Studio and Keil MDK, as well as over 25 other debug and performance analysis tools worldwide, giving product development teams the assurance that their product will be widely supported.

Diagram on CoreLink CCI-550 and NCI-450.

CoreSight ELA-600 Embedded Logic Analyzer

The CoreSight ELA-600 Embedded Logic Analyzer extends the usage model of ELA-500 by adding AMBA Trace Bus (ATB) interface. This increases trace data storage capacity, and enables wider debug window for fast silicon bring-up. The advancedfeatures added to ELA-600 include:

  • ATB and SRAM configuration for trace data storage
  • Data compression
  • Simultaneous trace of 2 signal groups
  • Trigger state counter tracing
  • Logic Analyzer Kit (LAK-500A and LAK-500I) included as part of ELA-600

CoreSight SoC-600

Arm CoreSight SoC-600 offers the most comprehensive library for the creation of debug and trace solutions. This includes debug access, trace routing and termination, cross-triggering and time-stamping.

The culmination of decades of development in debug and trace IP, Arm CoreSight SoC-600 offers the most comprehensive library for the creation of debug and trace solutions. This includes debug access, trace routing and termination, cross-triggering and time-stamping.

Architectural changes simplify and standardize access into debug memory space, enabling protocol-based debug access through existing functional interfaces.

Reliance on a protocol that is agnostic of the physical link, ensures that solutions built around CoreSight SoC-600 are portable and scalable, avoiding the limitations associated with point solutions.

CoreSight SoC-400

CoreSight SoC-400 provides a comprehensive library of debug and trace configurable components, from debug access to cross-triggering and timestamp distribution.  Configuration scripts are also supplied, and for those looking for a productivity boost, CoreSight Creator offers graphical IP integration and configuration functionality.

All components can be grouped into one of the categories listed below:

  • Control and Access Components: Provide access to other debug components and control of debug behavior.
  • Sources: Generate trace data for output through the ATB.
  • Links: Provide connection, triggering, and flow of trace data.
  • Sinks: End points for trace data on the SoC.
  • Timestamp: Generates and transports timestamps across the SoC.
  • Triggering: Distributes trigger signals between processing elements.

System Trace Macrocell

The System Trace Macrocell (STM) enables real-time instrumentation of software without altering system behavior, as well as real-time analysis of the platform behavior and performance.

The STM is a trace source that is integrated into a CoreSight system. This instrumentation is made up of memory-mapped writes to the STM Advanced eXtensible Interface (AXI) slave, which are then formatted into trace data and output over an ATB interface. For configuration purposes, the STM is connected to the Debug APB so that it can be accessed by off-chip and on-chip debug agents.

Trace Memory Controller

The Trace Memory Controller provides trace sink functionality for routing trace on/off chip, as well as offering intermediate trace storage.

Three main configuration options allow it to function as:

  • A buffer - this enables trace to be stored in a dedicated SRAM.
  • A FIFO - the functionality of this configuration is a superset of the functionality of the buffer configuration.
  • A router - this enables trace to be routed over an AXI bus to system memory or to any other AXI slave.

CoreSight ELA-500 Embedded Logic Analyzer

The CoreSight ELA-500 Embedded Logic Analyzer can be connected to Arm and 3rd party IP components to ensure faster silicon debug when visibility of low-level signals is needed. Each ELA can monitor up to 12 groups, each of up to 128 signals to detect the states leading to lock-ups and data corruption. For instance, it can provide visibility of CPU load, stores, speculative fetches, cache activity and transaction lifecycle - properties that are not visible with existing ETM trace of instructions or other common debug methodologies. This way, an ELA can spot data corruptions as they occur, capturing the cause, whereas conventional timeouts are too late and causation events are often lost.

The ELA-500 Embedded Logic Analyzer is a Design for Debug component that is integrated onto silicon for the purpose of debugging hardware-related issues. Debug signals are connected from an IP component to the ELA-500, which compares the signals with a target value and drives actions. There is an optional trace capability that can be used to generate a history of the debug signals at any point in time.

For ease of use, the ELA can also be programmed externally by Arm's DS-5 using a Debug & Trace Service Layer (DTSL).