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Arm provides a range of security IP, which has been created to protect against a variety of different attacks. The range of IP includes subsystems (hardware and software) that provide platform level security as well as acceleration and offloading. Plus, a range of products for physical attack mitigation and processors with Arm TrustZone support.

Cryptography and platform security services IP

Security IP with SCA protection.

Security IP with SCA protection

Arm also have a range of cryptography and platform security services IP which has been enhanced with technology that protects against power and electromagnetic side channel analysis threats and more. This level of protection is important to applications targeted by physical security attacks.

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CryptoIsland Chip.

Arm CryptoIsland family

The Arm CryptoIsland family of products provides Arm partners with a highly integrated security subsystem. It does this by isolating roots of trust in a very robust manner, while increasing the ease of reuse. This reuse is especially beneficial in domains like payment, identity and critical infrastructure.

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CryptoCell-300 Family Chip.

Arm CryptoCell-300 family

The highly efficient Arm CryptoCell-300 family is focused at providing various cryptography and platform related security services, for devices with strict power and area constraints. Use cases include home automation, smart energy and automotive.

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CryptoCell-700 Family Chip.

Arm CryptoCell-700 family

The high-performance Arm CryptoCell-700 family is focused on providing various cryptography and platform related security services, for devices serving data intensive use cases. Applications include high-end consumer electronics and enterprise devices.

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Cortex-M33 Chip.

Processor IP

Arm processors with Arm TrustZone technology

Arm have a range of processors, with Arm TrustZone capabilities. Explore how TrustZone technology can be integrated into our Arm Cortex processors. Including the Cortex-A processors, Cortex-M23, Cortex-M33 and Cortex-M35P, including physical protection from tampering.


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TrustZone Security System IP Chip.

Other system security IP

Arm TrustZone Security System IP

Arm also have a range of Security System IP, including:

  • TrustZone Random Number Generator

  • TrustZone Full Disk Encryption

  • TrustZone Address Space Controllers

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Arm support

Arm training courses and on-site system-design advisory services enable licensees to realize maximum system performance with lowest risk and fastest time-to-market.

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We customize Arm products to make it easy for you to adopt and integrate our products into your applications, whilst also reducing risk and time to market (TTM). Contact the Arm Design Services team for more information.


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