ARM® Socrates™ System IP Tooling is the only fully integrated solution to integrating ARM System IP. It consists of four main mechanisms, shown below, by which to deliver fully integrated System IP for hardware, software, and verification teams. 

  • ARM Socrates DE
  • ARM Socrates Design Environment

    • Design Environment packages and creates IP to the IP-XACT standard
    • Guided configuration of system IP that is correct-by-construction
    • Allows intelligent and automated IP integration
    • Runs design rule checks to ensure that the system is viable

    Socrates DE
  • ARM CoreSight Creator
  • ARM CoreSight Creator

    • High level specification based on IP-XACT to generate a CoreSight™ subsystem
    • Automatic micro-Architecture synthesis of a CoreSight Debug and Trace subsystem
    • Multiple design rule checks ensure the system is viable and valid
    • Generates deliverables such as RTL, testbenches, and test cases

    CoreSight Creator


Socrates IP Tooling provides ARM Partners with a configurable IP platform containing a rich set of capabilities to allow the definition and deployment of configurable IP. The tooling platform also allows our partners to intelligently configure ARM IP in the context of the system they are creating. It provides the capability to intelligently integrate IP together to assemble a system along with providing ad-hoc stitching capabilities.

Leveraging the intelligent IP integration approach built into the Socrates IP Tooling, a case-study has shown at least an 8x improvement in schedule, as well as increased quality and predictability. The results showed that to fully integrate a system originally took three RTL design engineers 35+ days, but was completed by just one design engineer in four days using the Socrates IP Tooling. The comparison of the number of lines of RTL code vs. intelligent integration instructions required to integrate the various subsystems and top-level for this case study design are shown below.

Graph of lines of code required to integrate various subsystems   

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Socrates IP Tooling Design Environment packages and creates IP in the IP-XACT standard


Guided configuration of System IP that is correct-by-construction


Intelligent and automated IP integration utilizing system metadata and ARM engineering know-how

System IP Tooling Features

Architects and designers can standardize any IP into the IEEE1685-2009 standard to be integration-ready, configure standardized IP, and intelligently integrate IP together quickly and efficiently. Architects and designers can visualize each stage of the design as well as validate the viability and quality using design rule checks. RTL and the design specification can be generated automatically.

  • Programmatic data-driven IP integration
  • Full IEEE1685-2009(IP-XACT) compliance
  • Real-time verification with Design Rule Checks
  • Auto-generated RTL and other design views
  • Auto-creation of system IP
  • Fast and easy design restructuring
  • Full schematic visualization

ARM Socrates Design Environment

ARM Socrates Design Environment is a tool that standardizes, configures, and intelligently integrates IP with ARM IP to create a SoC. Architects and designers can standardize any IP into IEEE1685-2009 to be integration-ready, configure standardized IP, and intelligently integrate IP together quickly and efficiently. Architects and designers can visualize each stage of the design as well as validate the viability and quality using design rule checks. RTL and the design specification can be generated automatically.

Example ARM Socrates DE screens

ARM CoreSight Creator

ARM CoreSight Creator is a tool that guides a user through the configuration and creation of a CoreSight Debug and Trace subsystem with minimal design engineering action. It takes licensed CoreSight Debug and Trace system IP, which is a library of configurable IP components used by designers, to create a CoreSight Debug and Trace subsystem to ease hardware and software debug. 

Example ARM CoreSight Creator screens

Schematic Visualization

Example schematic visualisation

Auto-generated RTL & Other Design Views 

Example design view


Useful Information

Whitepaper: Lessons from the field - IP/SoC integration techniques that work

Whitepaper - IP-XACT Standardized IP Interfaces for Rapid IP Integration

White Paper - Solving Next Generation IP Configurability

IP-XACT (IEEE1685 standard)

IP-XACT describes the meta-data of IP designs and flows, and the interconnection of IP interfaces in a standard specification. The IP-XACT extension mechanism supports user-defined vendor features to implement specific tool or flow features, such as to store vendor-specific IP meta-data like GUI-related data. These new extensions published by Accellera enable cross-company IP-XACT usage in emerging areas of design, such as analog-mixed signal, physical design planning, and power.

More information regarding IP-XACT can be found at:  http://accellera.org/downloads/standards/ip-xact.

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