CoreLink PCK-600

Arm CoreLink PCK-600 Power Control Kit

CoreLink PCK-600 Chip.

About CoreLink PCK-600

The Arm CoreLink PCK-600 Power Control Kit provides a suite of system IP that is pre-verified to ease system power and clock management infrastructure integration.

Key benefits include:

  • Implements Arm recommended Power Control System Architecture (PCSA).

  • Power management orchestration through standard software interface.

  • Configurable IP scalable for all types of applications.


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CoreLink PCK-600 highlights

The CoreLink PCK-600 is a collection of standardized and pre-verified Arm IP which is implemented to the Arm Low Power System Architecture specification. CoreLink PCK-600 is developed based on the P and Q-channel Low Power Interface (LPI) standard. Low Power Interface has seen wide adoption amongst Arm partners, who have also implemented LPI for their own IP which works with Arm IP.



Power Policy Unit (PPU)

  • Highly configurable power domain controller.
  • Supports directed and autonomous control.
  • Software, component and power switch control interfaces.

Clock Controller

  • Controller for High-level Clock Gating (HCG).
  • Manages HCG for a single clock domain.
  • HCG supported by many Arm IP products.

Q-Channel distributor

  • 1:N fan-out from a controller to components.
  • Can be configured for expansion and sequencing.

P-Channel distributor

  • 1:N fan-out from controller to components.
  • Can be configured for expansion and sequencing.
  • Configurable remapping of power modes.

Q-Channel combiner

  • N:1 fan-in from controllers to a component.
  • For control of power/voltage domain bridges.
  • Bridge must ‘close’ before any side is powered-off.
  • Bridge cannot ‘open’ until both sides are powered-on.

P-to-Q convertor

  • 1:1 protocol conversion.
  • For integrating Q-Channel components into power domains with P-Channel PPU.

CoreLink PCK-600 key features

 Eases implementation of multiple power and clock domains:

  • Low power infrastructure design within the project schedule.

  • Accelerate time-to-market with pre-verified IP.

Component configurability supports the Arm IP power and clock control feature roadmap:

  • Supports latest Arm CPU power and operation modes.

  • Designed with Arm DynamIQ technology in mind.

Aligned to PCSA guidelines:

  • Enables third-party and legacy IP.

  • Standard software interface and control.