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3.3.4. Performance monitoring registers summary

Table 3.4 shows the performance monitoring registers in base offset order.

Table 3.4. Performance monitoring registers summary
NameTypeS or NSOffsetDescription
PMEVCNTR0-2RWNS0x3000-0x3008Performance Monitor Event Count Register
PMEVTYPE0-2RWNS0x3400-0x3408Performance Monitor Event Type Select Register
PMCGCRnRWNS0x3800Performance Monitor Counter Group Configuration Register
PMCGSMRnRWNS0x3A00 Performance Monitor Counter Group Stream Match Register
PMCNTENSETnRWNS0x3C00Performance Monitor Counter Enable Set and Clear registers
PMINTENSETnRWNS0x3C40Performance Monitor Interrupt Enable Set and Clear registers
PMOVSCLRnRWNS0x3C80 Performance Monitor Overflow Status Set and Clear registers
PMCFGRRONS0x3E00Performance Monitor Configuration Register
PMCRRWNS0x3E04Performance Monitor Control Register
PMCEID0-1RONS0x3E20-0x3E24Performance Monitor Common Event ID Register
PMAUTHSTATUSRONS0x3FB8Performance Monitor Authentication Status Register
PMDEVTYPERONS0x3FCCPerformance Monitor Device Type Register

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