See how Arm technology can transform your products and business. 

Arm technology scales from the tiniest of sensors to the largest of data centers, providing power efficient intelligence upon which transformative applications and business models are built. We work with our partners and an extensive ecosystem to deliver leading hardware and software solutions across markets.

Security on Arm

Arm provides a set of security technologies that can be designed in to devices, including the Platform Security Architecture (PSA), security related IP and software solutions.

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Machine Learning on Arm

The Arm hardware and software technologies ecosystem enables the development of intelligent, distributed, heterogeneous, and secure solutions.

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Arm Automotive Developer Community

Arm automotive partners deliver best-in-class automotive grade hardware, software and services. With billions of Arm-based devices in use today, leveraging the Arm ecosystem to bring new and innovative automotive solutions to market has never been easier!

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Arm Infrastructure Developer Community

Bringing a unique and compelling value proposition to Cloud and Telco Cloud transformation

The Arm Infrastructure Developer Community portal is a central showcase and global directory for developers seeking to harness the innovation available within the Arm ecosystem for next generation data center, cloud and network infrastructure deployments.

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