ESCRYPT - Embedded Security is the leading system provider for embedded security worldwide. With locations in Germany, France, UK, Sweden, USA, Canada, India, China, Korea, and Japan we have security specialists available to provide IoT security solutions in the area of Smart Mobility, Smart Industry, and Smart City. ESCRYPT’s experts develop highly secure, worldwide valued products and solutions which are tailored to the specific requirements of embedded systems and the relevant IT-infrastructure and are tested and proven a million times in automotive series production.

The company's core competency lies in the development and implementation of cost-efficient and flexible security solutions that can easily be integrated into existing IT-landscapes and adapted to keep up with future developments. ESCRYPT’s service portfolio includes security assessment, security strategy, development, implementation and operation of customized software and hardware, turnkey solutions and managed services, certification support, PKI, key management, and training. ESCRYPT is strongly involved in international research. In the context of several regional, national and European research projects the company has continuously contributed decisive impulses to the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Security, hardware design and system resistance against side-channel attacks. ESCRYPT is a subsidiary of ETAS GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the BOSCH-Group.

“Our automotive security solution portfolio is geared towards safeguarding all of the digital functions, throughout the entire value chain, and over the whole lifecycle of the vehicle. These days, you have to develop a durable security concept at the vehicle development stage, carry out testing before implementing IT security solutions, and, even once you have produced and sold the vehicle, continue to monitor IT security, analyze threats, and bring out the necessary security updates.” 

Dr. Thomas Wollinger, Managing Director, ESCRYPT GmbH


Automotive Security: A Key Success Factor

The growing connectivity of embedded systems paves the way for new business models that enable highly customized products and service models that are tailored even more closely to the user. If these new business models are to succeed, data security and integrity are a must.

The embedded security success factor can be mastered only by pursuing a multi-dimensional and integrated approach. This requires a security engineering process that covers the entire system lifecycle – from design, development, security testing, and industrial production to operation, and final decommissioning. The first step is to consider the embedded system, with all interfaces to its environment.

ESCRYPT’s security experts take a specific use case as their starting point when designing a holistic security solution that:

  • protects your business model and digital assets
  • helps you increase your competitive edge with new service models
  • supports you as you boost customer confidence in your products

Holistic solutions also have the advantage of sustainably reducing integration efforts, thereby accelerating the launch of your product onto the market. In addition, they reduce the cost of investing in security infrastructure and know-how.

Ready for use

As a systems house for product security, ESCRYPT caters to all industries where embedded systems are used. It offers a full range of products and services, including individual solutions for core use cases – from secure booting to protected machine communication.

Secure remote diagnostics

The reading of device data for test purposes in development or for analyzing operational malfunctions requires access to the relevant embedded system.

Secure Firmware Updates (OTA)

Managing software and firmware efficiently – and more importantly, securely – throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle is essential for automotive manufacturers.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution

Complete control of network communication with a firewall and an intrusion detection and prevention system.

Secure V2X Communications

Complete V2X security solution for embedded onboard equipment in vehicles and roadside infrastructure as well as backend security infrastructure to manage the overall security.


Development hardware


AllView shows how features can be combined within one HMI system to make the act of interfacing with modern automotive technology as engaging and seamless as possible. AllView offers advanced HMI design opportunities and supports all available operating systems and automotive HMI architectures for target hardware implementations.

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Development software

Luxoft Populus Suite

The Luxoft Populus Suite is a software package that streamlines the design, development and deployment of user interfaces for distributed embedded systems. It reduces the time and cost required to create high-spec full-featured HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces).

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