Green Hills Software

Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software is the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions. The company’s platform-independent safe and secure real-time operating system (RTOS), secure virtualization, embedded development tools and security toolkits support the broadest range of Arm architectures and all Cortex-M, Cortex-R, and Cortex-A cores. Green Hills Software’s technology and services have been chosen by the most prominent companies in over 50 countries to build their electronic products for everything from hard drive controllers to jumbo jets. Green Hills Software INTEGRITY Security Services serves as a Certificate Authority and provides end-to-end security capabilities throughout the design and manufacturing process.

“The connected car represents the next stage in the evolution of motor vehicle software safety and security. For the first time, unfamiliar vehicles and roadside units on untrusted public networks will be able to communicate – with no human involvement – and influence life-critical decisions and vehicle actions. Whereas functionality, performance, and safety have been the traditional foundation for automotive software, the connected car now demands authentication, identification, and separation of critical software components running in a routinely insecure environment for the operational lifespan of the vehicle."

Dan Mender, Vice President of Business Development, Green Hills Software


Green Hills Software provides mainframe-quality software development tools to embedded software developers on microprocessors. It started with a C compiler for the Motorola 68000 in 1983. Over the years, Green Hills has supported 37 processor architectures, while the company’s product portfolio expanded and helped define the software development industry. MULTI® was the first graphical multi-platform integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded processors. INTEGRITY, the first commercial separation-architecture RTOS, and world’s most highly certified RTOS for safety and security. This was the only operating system to achieve Common Criteria EAL 6+ for Separation Kernel Protection Profile). TimeMachine debugging was the first secure hypervisor Multivisor.

End-to-end device-level security for any device running any operating system is offered through the Embedded Cryptographic toolkit. The DLM System is a cloud-based management system for customers to create, track, and update keys, credentials. It also deals with over-the-air (OTA) firmware through complex supply chains, even over untrusted networks to any manufacturing site in the world.

Green Hills products and services are used to develop and deploy products for safety and security critical applications. The categories include automotive, avionics, consumer, industrial, medical, military, networking, and storage markets.

Hundreds of millions of vehicles drive with Green Hills automotive technology. This is the same technology that has safely and securely controlled life-critical embedded software systems. These are proven to fly aircraft, control surgical devices, and manage building surveillance systems.

Today, global vehicle OEMs, and Tier 1 suppliers build their intelligent vehicles with Green Hills:

  • Integrated cockpits – INTEGRITY RTOS and Multivisor secure hypervisor run ASIL-certified instrument clusters and heads-up-displays (HUDs) safely and securely alongside Linux and Android infotainment.
  • Vehicle safety dynamics– Steer by wire, braking systems and other vehicle dynamics functions rely on MULTI and its ASIL D Optimizing C/C++ compilers. Plus, code-quality tools that check MISRA C adherence and analyze deep static code, all integrated within a single compilation pass.
  • ADAS– INTEGRITY is the trusted foundation for systems that ingest huge streams of sensor data to build vehicle self-awareness before making life-critical decisions.
  • Vehicle-to-Anything communication– Safe and cryptographically secure authentication and communication between unfamiliar vehicles and roadside units on untrusted public networks with no human involvement.
  • Powertrain and electric vehicle– Deeply embedded, requiring the fastest and smallest code, rigorously tested for absolute correctness, surviving in harsh environments for decades.

Development hardware

Hardware-Assisted Debugging:

Development software

INTEGRITY Operating System Family
  • INTEGRITY RTOS - for applications that demand high reliability and security
  • INTEGRITY-178B - RTCA/DO - 178B Level A-compliant and EAL6+/SKPP-compliant RTOS
  • INTEGRITY-178 tuMP Multicore Operating System
  • INTEGRITY Multivisor - a unique hybrid architecture that extends the certified INTEGRITY separation kernel technology to enable safe execution of critical software side-by-side with  general-purpose operating system environments such as Linux or Android
  • µ-velOSity - ultra-small, ultra-fast, royalty-free, for deeply embedded devices

Embedded Software Development Tools


Green Hills has hundreds of employees in dozens of offices throughout the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Service teams provide:

  • Functional Safety teams to create both standard as well as custom solutions
  • Security design, penetration testing and guidance
  • Custom engineering services for performance and other specific customer needs
  • Local Field Support located throughout the world