Mimer Information Technology

Mimer Information Technology is a Swedish software company and the developer of the Mimer SQL product family, a database which is used in mission critical systems worldwide. The Mimer SQL product family range covers database management technologies from embedded and real-time systems to enterprise servers.

In over 40 years the unique and flexible Mimer SQL database has provided data management to companies worldwide, both Enterprise and Embedded such as Automotive, Life-science and Mobile. In Embedded, Mimer SQL has been deployed in more than 100 million mobile phones and many other embedded devices.

Mimer SQL is a cross OS and platform-independent database that has strong support of the broadest range of Arm architectures. No matter what device or solution it might be, Mimer fits perfectly and shows superior performance – safe and secure. 

The development of the Mimer SQL started as early as in the 1970s. Headquarters is situated in Uppsala, Sweden.

"The automotive industry has a major challenge facing “the lake of data” generated by the more complex architecture needed to support the ongoing evolution towards connected cars and autonomous driving. The automotive architecture needs support from advanced data management involving mission critical parameters such as accessibility, availability, integrity, security, and performance. Mimer SQL manages “the lake of data” with all critical parameters in mind supporting both SW and HW to perform its best in the architecture. The embedded Mimer SQL database has been evolved over 40 years with a strong global track record and Mimer is ready to support the automotive industry together with Arm."

Fredrik Malmström, EVP Sales & Marketing, Mimer Information Technology


Today, the automotive domain faces a dramatical shift in architectural requirements in many areas and more so in data management. Exponential increases in data volumes, higher demands on safety, and an unsurpassed growth in concurrent processes in a modern automotive embedded system, has made the move from a traditional process-by-process approach to storage to a centralized solution both logical and necessary.

Mimer SQL Embedded

Mimer SQL is an enterprise class database management server (DBMS) that feels just as natural in the datacenter as in a vehicle. The rich features and the more than 30 years of development that characterizes Mimer SQL can be summarized as:

  • Accessibility
  • Availability
  • Integrity
  • Security
  • Performance


Mimer SQL Embedded, by being a server, distributes data not only to the node where it is, but to any client in any node in a connected vehicle solution. Connecting data points becomes as easy as making a connection over the bus network.


Mimer SQL Embedded has an unparalleled ability to quickly serve clients with data after any system start.


Data stored in Mimer SQL Embedded is always of guaranteed integrity, not only to ensure that they are of a certain type but also to safeguard that data is always within limits. By using Mimer SQL Embedded data can be verified to follow architectural constraints, and then add to the security of a solution.


Mimer SQL Embedded is designed with data security in mind. Everything in Mimer SQL Embedded can be access controlled so that only processes and users who are explicitly allowed to access data can do so.


Mimer SQL Embedded is designed to use available resources in a limited environment such as a vehicle and deliver unparalleled performance in any software and hardware architecture.

Mimer SQL Embedded, in-memory edition

For extreme performance, there is a special version of Mimer SQL Embedded that runs purely in memory and can increase the transactional throughput of the DBMS by orders of magnitude.

Suitability for constrained environments

An embedded solution always has to pitch different hardware constraints against the requirements of the proposed architecture. Mimer SQL Embedded adjusts run-time memory requirements and run-time code size, therefore being a variable in the requirements equation, rather than a huge static value.


For more information contact: info@mimer.com