OpenSynergy GmbH

OpenSynergy is a high-tech company specializing in embedded automotive software for in-car cockpit solutions. The core products are the modular software development kit COQOS SDK and the leading Bluetooth® stack Blue SDK.

Our products enable the convergence of instrument cluster, head unit, driver assistance and connectivity systems. Essential technologies are virtualization and Open Source software. Our solutions comply with requirements of standards like AUTOSAR and Bluetooth. By doing, so we pave the way for autonomous driving.

OpenSynergy is an independently managed company headquartered in Berlin with further locations in Munich and the U.S. We continue to grow through the strong demand for our products. Our company’s team consists primarily of highly qualified engineers. Our corporate culture is inspired by the international character that defines our employees, partners, and customers.


“COQOS supports the most important current processor designs nearly all of which are based on the Arm processor architecture. We are looking forward to the new automotive architectures coming soon as for example Cortex-R52. We have already ported our hypervisor for this high-end Arm technology. Together with Arm we will enable the next generation of vehicle architecture.”

Rolf Morich, CEO, OpenSynergy GmbH


The OpenSynergy portfolio consists of two product families: the hypervisor platforms and the communication platforms. All products are characterized by a high degree of functional safety.

Hypervisor platforms

OpenSynergy’s hypervisor products help automotive manufacturers and their Tier-1s to minimize the amount of hardware in the car despite the huge number of electronic features needed:

  • COQOS SDK: The virtualization platform for the integration of different software systems on one single hardware.
  • COQOS Hypervisor: The minimalistic hypervisor as part of the COQOS SDK for high efficiency and flexibility.
  • COQOS SDK Micro: The hypervisor platform for real-time operating systems integration onto small ECUs using MPU only.

Communication platforms

The platforms for reliable automotive-grade vehicle communication complete the integrated driving experience. Different communication technologies help the driver and car to stay in contact with any embedded device:

  • Blue SDK: The efficient Bluetooth stack for a reliable Bluetooth connection to embedded devices.
  • Blue SDK RapidLaunch: The GENIVI-compliant platform for the rapid development of Linux-based Bluetooth solutions.
  • IrDA SDK: The development kit for quick and easy setup of IrDA-compatible infrared communications on embedded devices.
  • Voice SDK: The audio processing software for improving speech recognition systems and hands-free telephony.