Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) data-centric connectivity software is used to develop and run autonomous vehicles and other complex distributed applications. RTI Connext® DDS is the software framework that enables systems to exchange information in real-time, working together as one integrated system.

It is used in over 1,300 of the most rigorous industrial-grade systems including autonomous vehicles, space launch and exploration, traffic control, industrial automation, connected healthcare, robotics, ships, and defense. RTI is the largest commercial supplier of products based on the Object Management Group® (OMG) Data Distribution Service™ (DDS) standard.

RTI Connext DriveTM is the automotive-specific software framework that accelerates the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles. Proven through millions of hours of operation in critical autonomous systems, RTI Connext Drive works interoperably with AUTOSAR Classic, AUTOSAR Adaptive, ROS, and other standard-based systems.

“Arm is an extremely important platform for our automotive and robotics customers. Together, the Arm architecture and RTI Connext connectivity framework provide more capabilities to OEMs and automotive suppliers in their work to innovate, develop, and run autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. The mutual approach of Arm and RTI to open ecosystems and open standards means that our customers will get to market faster with the advanced software capabilities needed to be competitive in a new era of software-based transportation."

Bob Leigh, Senior Director of Market Development, Autonomous Systems, RTI.


RTI Connext DDS is a distributed connectivity software framework for developers to use to accelerate the development and deployment of complex, distributed systems.

It delivers low-latency, high reliability scalability with Quality of Service (QoS). It has a rich set of connectivity capabilities optimized for IoT systems including messaging libraries, an adapter framework with customizable examples, and a rich set of tools to accelerate system integration, testing and debugging.

The core Connext DDS products are:

  • Connext DDS Professional, exchanging information between devices and applications in real-time, delivering performance, reliability, scalability, and security while reducing development and integration time.
  • Connext DDS Secure, used to secure and scale distributed systems, offering fine-grained protection of data without compromising system reliability and performance.
  • Connext DDS Micro, the small footprint, modular connectivity software for resource-constrained devices, such as micro-controllers.
  • Connext DDS Cert, for safety-critical systems with the only off-the-shelf connectivity framework certifiable of the industry for the highest levels of the DO-178C standard.
  • RTI Connext Drive, providing the critical data connectivity layer in autonomous vehicles with interoperability to AUTOSAR and ROS2 environments.