Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (TDSC)

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (TDSC) combines the vigor of a new company with the wisdom of experience. Since becoming an independent company in July 2017, the company has taken its place among the leading general devices companies, and offers its customers and business partners outstanding solutions in semiconductors and HDD.

Its 24,000 employees around the world share a determination to maximize the value of its products, and emphasize close collaboration with customers to promote co-creation of value and new markets. 

"TDSC is the first in the world to develop the microcontroller for controlling a car's engine, which has made a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, our image recognition processors are helping to dramatically improve the safety of automobiles. We are providing solutions based on Arm technology by applying our market-proven motor control and image recognition technologies that we have cultivated over many years to achieve a safe, secure, and convenient automotive society."

Takeshi Sugahara, Technology Executive, TDSC


TDSC contributes to the next generation of automotive systems by providing optimum devices for CASE, including inverter control and image recognition.

  • Electrification: inverter control MCU that contributes to CO2 reduction and quietness inside a vehicle
  • Autonomous: image recognition LSI that accelerates ADAS performance with high-speed processing and low power consumption
  • Connected/Shared: ethernet bridge IC that supports high-speed, large-capacity data communication with low-latency in vehicles for the 5G era
MCU for power train inverter control system
  • Cortex-R4, H/W accelerators: vector engine, digital RDC (programmable motor driver) and PMD (resolver to digital converter)
  • Functional safety SW library
Image recognition processor Visconiti5TM
  • Cortex-A53, Cortex-R4, HW accelerators (DNN, ISP, DSP)
  • Functional safety SW library
Ethernet bridge IC
  • Cortex-M3
  • Ethernet AVB/TSN supported
Analog and power devices
  • Analog ASIC (motor driver, voltage regulator)
  • Power device (MOSFET, IGBT)
  • Small signal device (TVS diode)
  • Photo coupler