Trustonic Ltd

Trustonic supports global businesses to establish trust with their customers by securing the smart devices they use every day through best-in-class technology and software app protection.

Founded in 2012, by three industry giants, Arm, Thales, and G&D. Trustonic is now powering confidence, innovation and ensuring reliability amongst the world’s leading car and handset manufacturers, financial institutions and mobile operators. We enable our customers to embrace new opportunities with peace of mind.

With the highest certifications in the cybersecurity industry, Trustonic is committed to setting the standard for security in smart devices, laying solid foundations as this industry grows, and safeguarding client futures.

Trustonic is headquartered in Cambridge, with several international locations.


“The auto industry is undergoing a significant change and needing to adapt and evolve to keep pace with new regulations as the world becomes more connected. In-vehicle digital experiences are fast becoming a key differentiator for vehicle manufacturers. As our journeys become increasingly digitally dependant, automotive cybersecurity has to be an integral part of new experience design. Software is a core part of the industry’s future, but it also increases the risk of cyber threats against the vehicle. With more than 16M vehicles on the road protected by Trustonic, we are leading the industry to deliver a safer future.”

Richard Hayton, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer


Secure by design is becoming a requirement worldwide. Governments and industry bodies are enacting regulation to ensure security is designed in rather than added on. 

Their Secure Platform combines a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with a trusted identity to provide hardware protection to device manufacturers. The TEE is an environment for secure code execution, secure data storage, and isolation of peripheral hardware. When combined with a trusted identity, their secure platform enables authentication and verification as well as a secure channel for data and applications.

The key features are:

  • Secure boot – ensuring integrity
  • Secure data storage – which protects user and system data
  • Secure execution – for trusted code only
  • Secure peripherals – protects connected hardware
  • Trusted identity – secure channel for application delivery

Their platform enables a wide range of security features that will protect and secure critical data and applications. The trusted applications and drivers allow code to run securely and keep customers’ data secure. This hardware backed security allows device manufacturers to significantly enhance the protection of applications and services.