Accord Global

Accord Global is an Accord Group of companies with primary focus on Aerospace, Embedded, Automotive and, Enterprise products and engineering services.

Accord Group was established in 1991 by five technologists. They have worked in the field of Avionics and real-time embedded systems over several decades.

Accord has a proven track record in design, development, and certification of the functional safety products in both Avionics and Automotive domains. Thanks to the functional safety standards and our experienced engineers, which has always helped Accord to deliver safety critical products. Having developed avionics, automotive and commercial products using the Arm architectures (Cortex-M and Cortex-A). It is our immense pleasure to partner with Arm to provide cutting edge solutions to make the world safer.

Rakesh Nayak, VP Engineering, Accord Global Technology Solutions Pt. Ltd.

Market of activity

Over the years, Accord Group has chartered an impressive record of accomplishment in customer satisfaction, innovation, sales, and profitability. The success of the group has been made possible with continuous enhancement of competence in technology, quality processes, project management and, customer focus.

Over 27 years, AGTSPL has carved a niche and built expertise in following areas:

  • Build-to-spec Avionics-LRUs and GNSS-for-Aerospace products
  • Build-to-spec Automotive Systems including Body control systems, Telematics, connectivity control systems and Vehicle tracking systems
  • Software Engineering Services for Avionics, Automotive, Desktop, and mobile applications
  • System Engineering Services with expertise in RF, FPGA and ASIC engineering, Power supply design, Safety Assessment, Environmental qualification.
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) development for ATP, End of line and HIL Testing

Accord has indigenously developed ARINC 653 compliant RTOS, which is used in multiple Avionics systems for Rotor crafts.

Accord has implemented Graphics Library primitives as per the Industry standard specifications. This Accord Graphics Library (AGL) is a software-based graphics library. It does not exploit the Graphics Accelerator or built in GPU of the microprocessor.

Accord has also developed tools for Requirements Management, Software Unit Testing, Structural Coverage, and Static Source Code Analysis. These are successfully used in avionics and automotive systems development.

Functional Safety related services

Accord has extensive experience in developing safety critical products to automotive and aerospace standards.

Avionics Standards:

  • ARP 4754A/ARP 4761 (System),
  • DO-254(Hardware),
  • DO-160 (Environment),
  • DO-178B/DO178C (Software)

Automotive Standards:

  • ISO 26262
  • ISO 25119

Safety Analysis:

  • Hazard analysis and Risk assessment (HARA)
  • System safety analysis (System FMEA: SAE 1739)
  • Hardware design verification (Inspection, Simulation, FMEA, FTA)
  • Evaluate hardware architectural metrics (HW FMEDA: MIL-217, MIL-338, IEC 62380)
  • Evaluation of Probabilistic Metric for random Hardware Failures (PMHF).
  • Software safety analysis (SW DFMEA compliance to SAE J1739 and DFA)
  • Preliminary system safety analysis (PSSA) and System safety assessment (SSA)

Accord has closely worked with several customers to develop functional safety concept for safety critical systems. Accord has delivered several product compliance to the functional safety standards and has good experience with certification authorities FAA, EASA, CEMILAC , and DGCA.

Accord has served Avionics and automotive companies in Europe, USA and India.

Functional Safety resources

  1. Functional safety concept: Case Study

The functional safety concept ensures safety of the function by deploying a safety mechanism that prevents the violation of safety goal.  

Download the PDF below:

Functional Safety Concept Case Study