BUGSENG is a leading provider of solutions and services for software verification. Their verification platform has been designed to help engineers develop higher-quality software, effectively, by changing the traditional rules of the game.

Software verification is a complex task that requires deep specialization for which BUGSENG has designed a new generation of tools. These tools are based on sophisticated program verifiers that can handle the complexity of the task in a transparent way. These tools effectively support the software engineering community in a continuous improvement process leading to truly reliable and practical mission and safety critical systems.

Their products are based on a solid understanding of modern software industry needs and requirements in which sound theoretical work has been coupled with the best software engineering practices.

At BUGSENG, they believe that high-quality software requires high-quality verification tools, and that is why their motto is: no shortcuts, no compromises, no excuses: software verification done right. Their quality system has been certified by TÜV Italia (TÜV SÜD Group) to comply with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the "design, development, maintenance, and support of tools for software verification and validation (IAF 33)".

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"BUGSENG products are an ideal match for the Arm development toolchains: both Arm C/C++ compilers versions 5 and 6 are supported, and so are Keil µVision and Arm Development Studio. Arm toolchains' customers have access to very advanced coding standard checking and bug finding tools without any tool configuration overhead. Some of the ECLAIR unique features, along with the fact that, as Arm Compiler 6, is based on clang opens the way to further integration opportunities."

Roberto Bagnara, CTO.

Functional Safety related services


ECLAIR is a software verification platform for the static analysis of C and C++ source code. It provides accurate support of the most used coding standards in the embedded systems industry: all the MISRA coding standards, BARR-C, and others. It features a "Bug Finder" module that identifies security vulnerabilities, dead code, API misuses, and other errors, including: buffer overflows, dereferences of null pointers, pointer arithmetic errors, use of uninitialized variables, uninitialized or invalid return values, divisions by zero, undefined operations, dead stores, leaks of stack memory addresses, memory leaks, unreachable code, double-free, use-after-free, lossy implicit conversions, excessive padding, string manipulation errors, and other common programming mistakes.

ECLAIR Qualification Kits

ECLAIR Qualification Kits provide crucial help to safety teams in charge of qualifying ECLAIR following the prescriptions of functional safety standards. The kits contain documents, test suites, procedures, and automation facilities that can be used by the customer to obtain all the confidence-building evidence that is required to make a solid argument justifying the use of ECLAIR in safety-related projects. ECLAIR Qualification Kits provide direct, explicit support for several functional safety standards: CENELEC EN 50128, ECSS-Q-ST-80C, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, ISO 26262, RTCA DO-178C/DO-330. They support all current MISRA coding standards: MISRA-C:2004, MISRA C:2012, MISRA C++:2008.

Professional training

BUGSENG provides a full set of training services on the effective deployment and use of its own products help ensure Customers are getting the most out of their technology investment. In addition, BUGSENG delivers both public and customized onsite courses that may be specifically tailored to the company's needs. Course topics include: the pitfalls of C and C++ programming; secure coding practices in C and C++; coding standards; integration of automatic software verification tools in the development workflow. The courses that BUGSENG delivers are highly qualified instructors and designed so that, after attending a course, attendees are immediately able to implement practices and apply the learned information to everyday work situations.

Consulting services

BUGSENG helps their customers assure the quality of the code created inside and outside of their organization and help them address quality and security requirements and coding standards. In particular, they have strong experience in the application of the MISRA coding standards to new and existing projects. BUGSENG engineers regularly conduct software audit reviews and coding standards compliance verification; they also provide support in the definition of refactory plans to gradually bring the source code base into compliance.


Highly qualified personnel and management with 25+ years of experience in software verification which resulted in tools and publication in international scientific and industrial venues.