DDC-I provides DO-178C certifiable software and tools for safety critical avionics. Deos™ is a time and space partitioned RTOS, which has been certified to DO-178 Design Assurance Level A (DAL A) since 1998. 

Developed using DAL A plans and procedures, Deos features hard real-time response, superior multicore technology, industry standard ARINC653 and FACE Safety base APIs, and shared resource partitioning to deliver the highest CPU utilization and performance. 

DDC-I is a leading provider of mission and safety-critical software, offering complete solutions for embedded software developers. Solutions include field proven safety critical real-time embedded operating systems, multi-language compilers, integrated development environments, run-time systems, custom software development services, and legacy software system modernization solutions.

For over 30 years, DDC-I has worked closely with an impressive list of aerospace and defense contractors, providing innovative products and reliable engineering expertise. DDC-I is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with a world-wide presence and their primary market is certifiable avionics software. 

"DDC-I has been a pioneer in the safety-critical industry for more than two decades, offering best-in-class real-time operating systems, development tools, and certification services with a focus on commercial and military aviation. Beginning with support of the NXP iMX6 in 2013, Arm has been central to our avionics focus, with most new designs in the aerospace industry transitioning to Arm. Through close collaboration with our Arm ecosystem partners in the Functional Safety Partnership Program, we look forward to expanding and strengthening our Arm offering, with an eye toward maximizing safety criticality, simplifying integration, enhancing reuse, and streamlining DO-178C certification."

Greg Rose, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, DDC-I, Inc.

Functional Safety related services

The innovative SafeMC technology of Deos for multicore processors delivers maximum safety-critical performance.

Some key advantages of Deos are:

  • DO-178 Certification Artifact reuse through Software modularity, using certification credit from prior certifications
  • Industry-leading SafeMC™ technology for Safety critical Systems on Multicore processors
  • Time and space partitioning, allowing mixed levels of criticality running on the same device
  • Extensive certification pedigree (certified to DAL A since 1998)
  • Patented slack scheduling technology, allowing full processor utilization
  • Scalable from simple LRUs to complex IMA Systems
  • ARINC-653, priority preemptive, and rate monotonic scheduling
  • Industry standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) ARINC-653 & POSIX

Functional Safety resources

DDC-I is well known in the avionics certification community and for 20 years, has successfully completed numerous certification audits since the first DAL A certification of a Deos baseline in 1998. Working directly with certification authorities, they offer certification defense of all the DO-178 Software lifecycle data for all DDC-I provided DO-178 products including RTOS, tooling, BSPs, and other contracted deliverables. This includes all pre and post SOI 1-4 audit correspondence and action items required for certification. DDC-I delivers to their customers the security of knowing the certification of all purchased components is handled.

The DDC-I product customization and board support package services are based on a wealth of safety critical experience. They offer services that allow our customers a low risk solution for hardware and operating system support. They port their RTOS to customer-specific hardware platforms with full certification artifacts, and full defense of those artifacts with certification authorities. This allows their customers to focus on their application, not the hardware, and the software platform it is running on.

Website: https://www.ddci.com/

More information on Deos: https://www.ddci.com/products_deos_do_178c_arinc_653/