Embedded Office

Embedded Office was founded in 2003 in Germany with a focus on functional safety and industrial security consulting. The engineers are certified experts in embedded software development for safety-critical systems. With the unique "Safety Mentoring", the success of software approvals for use in products according to IEC 61508, ISO 262626, IEC 62304, EN 50128, or DO-178C is guaranteed. Provided software components and complete platform integrations completing the service to minimize efforts for new projects in safety and security.

“Embedded Office is pleased to partner with Arm in its Functional Safety Partnership Program. Our joint customer base is using the pre-certified Flexible Safety RTOS on Arm architectures for more than 15 years. We look forward to providing together with Arm the solutions for the upcoming safety and security needs of our customers.”

Michael Hillman, CEO

Functional Safety related services

The Flexible Safety RTOS is a pre-certified real-time kernel with unique features:

• The kernel allows hard real-time requirements.

• Memory protection is effectively managed by the kernel.

• The kernel provides monitoring of all CPU and task stacks.

• The kernel provides monitoring of the MPU hardware.

Pre-certification of the Flexible Safety RTOS is available for different industries:

• For industrial use (IEC 61508)

• For the automotive industry (ISO 26262)

• For medical technology (IEC 62304)

The Safety Addons are a pre-certified software component that supplements the Flexible Safety RTOS with frequently required safety mechanisms:

• A logical program flow control

• A temporal program flow control

• End-to-end protection of communication

• Can be used with and without RTOS.

Within your application, the Safety Add-Ons provides the required safety measures and the protection of safety communication VIA unsafe channels (black-channel communication). Furthermore, the Safety Add-Ons include the efficient monitoring of the freedom of interference in the temporal domain.

Pre-certification of the Safety Add-Ons is available for different industries:

• For industrial use (IEC 61508)

• For the automotive industry (ISO 26262)

• For medical technology (IEC 62304)

The Safety Mentoring is a service from Embedded Office. The safety experts from Embedded Office are certified Functional Safety Engineers (TÜV Rheinland). Here you get support in preparing your software component or product for usage in a functional safety environment. You can integrate the complete knowledge of Embedded Office in different ways into your project workflow:

• Safety system architectural design workshops and consulting

• Outsourcing the functional safety management for your software component

• Best practices for development process of safety software

• Assistance in all phases of your safety-critical software development

The Integration Service is a service from Embedded Office. Here you get ready to run a safety platform for your functional safety software development. Embedded Office is integrating and checking any software component that you need.

• Development and configuration of safety board support packages

• Integration of RTOS and middleware components

• Custom engineering of required software components

• Pre-certification of integrated safety platform