Lauterbach GmbH

Lauterbach GmbH, founded in 1979, is a German company that offers debuggers and real-time trace tools for Arm Cortex-based SoCs under the brand name "TRACE32".

TRACE32 has always been a hardware-based debug and trace tool. It has recently expanded to include pure software-based debuggers, for example: debug support for their TRACE32 instruction set simulators, debug support for Arm Fast Model and RTL simulations or emulations.

Lauterbach is very support-oriented. Their customers typically design unique systems using Arm Cortex-based SoCs, hypervisors, operating systems, compilers, and so on. Their detailed knowledge of the debug and trace infrastructure of the SoC, decades of experience in the field, and ability to integrate with many other tools make them experts.

Lauterbach’s parallel and serial trace tools support all Arm trace protocols. The off-chip trace hardware is available with a range of buffer sizes along with the ability to stream the trace data to the host PC for virtually unlimited trace depth. The TRACE32 tools use a highly optimized algorithm to process the large volume of data quickly. The TRACE32 software includes comprehensive trace analysis capabilities such as debugging (forward and backward), cache analysis, profiling, and code coverage.

"As a global leader for debug and trace tools, Lauterbach are pleased to bring their expertise to the Arm® Functional Safety Partnership Program. Lauterbach have demonstrated their strong commitment to support the Arm® ecosystem and have been at the forefront of debug technology for Arm® devices since the very beginning. Decades of successful projects and innovative designs have laid an excellent groundwork for moving forward into bold new frontiers."

Norbert Weiss, Managing Director, Lauterbach GmbH

Functional Safety related services

Code Coverage

The TRACE32 code coverage analysis is based on instruction trace data. It requires no instrumentation of the target code, allowing developers to test the code as it would appear in fielded devices. TRACE32 supports the metrics: statement, call, function, condition, and decision coverage and modified condition or decision coverage (MC/DC). It includes an intuitive evaluation and easy report generation processes.

The TRACE32 debuggers and their parallel and serial trace tools support all Arm trace protocols. Highly optimized algorithms can process streamed data on-the-fly as the trace data is being recorded, allowing for display of live code coverage.

Virtual Verification

The TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator for Arm Cortex provides two main benefits for the virtual verification of software components. First, testing can be performed before any hardware is available or where its availability is limited. Second, instruction set simulators can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively if the test throughput must be increased.

The TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator provides instruction accurate core models for the Arm processor family. It can be used to run native binaries for the target architecture on your host computer while offering the debug and trace features of TRACE32.

Tool Qualification Support Kit

Lauterbach, as a tool vendor, supports the qualification of their tools with a Tool Qualification Support Kit (TQSK). It currently covers the avionic standard DO-178C and the automotive standard ISO 26262.


  • TRACE32 PowerDebug and TRACE32 PowerTrace are universal debug modules, with debug cables and trace probes for all supported architectures.
  • µTrace for Cortex-M, all-in-one debug, and trace hardware for Arm Cortex-M
  • TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator uses floating licenses to enable test automation and quickly scale testing capacity.


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