Lynx Software Technologies, Inc.

Every day, millions of people worldwide benefit from products that rely on Lynx Software Technologies. These range from the internet and phone communications, to airline flight-control systems, office automation, and medical devices.

An innovator in modern platform software technologies, Lynx provides the richest set of options for efficiently realizing robust, comprehensible software systems onto modern CPUs.

Lynx has crafted and adapted platform architectures over thirty years of processor evolution, from the LynxOS® real-time operating system (RTOS) to the Lynx MOSA.ic framework, Lynx’s most recent innovation.

LynxOS brought a UNIX® user model. It includes the standard POSIX interfaces, hardware memory protection, and a scalable real-time thread execution model to developers of safety-critical embedded systems. 

LynxOS-178 further introduced kernel partitioning and ARINC API standards to the avionic development community. It is certified to FAA DO-178C DAL A safety standard and was the first and only RTOS to receive an FAA Reusable Software Component certificate.

The Lynx MOSA.ic™ framework extends our  history of innovation by applying CPU virtualization to simplify and decentralize system design. The Lynx MOSA.ic framework delivers a high performance. It is strictly isolated and immutable platform abstraction model that offers a new simplified and comprehensible approach to the development, deployment, and certification of software within safety-critical systems.

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"Lynx Software is pleased to bring its products developed over decades of experience in safety critical systems to Arm’s partner program for functional safety. Lynx’ RTOS and separation kernel hypervisor technologies approach to design, development, and certification of safety critical systems complement the advanced safety-architectures and IP that Arm brings to market."

Gurjot Singh: CEO


Lynx addresses the requirements of functional safety through multiple offerings:

  • LynxSecure® Separation Kernel Hypervisor – uses hardware virtualization capabilities to isolate computing resources into strictly isolated and independent virtual machines for Linux, Windows, RTOS, or bare-metal applications. Its unique least privilege design and fine-grained distributed resource control model is designed to meet the most stringent safety and security concerns, and serves as the foundation to the Lynx MOSA.ic™ Framework.
  • Lynx Simple Applications (LSAs) – bare-metal applications encapsulating the most critical, certifiable system tasks. LSAs execute within fully isolated and independent virtual machines connected VIA zero copy transports to ensure immutable safety and security for the most critical of system tasks.
  • LynxOS-178® - a native POSIX® hard real-time partitioning operating system developed and certified to FAA DO-178C DAL A safety standards. LynxOS-178® RTOS is the only Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) OS to be awarded a Reusable Software Component (RSC) certificate from the FAA for re-usability in DO-178C certification projects. And it is the primary host for real-time POSIX® and FACE™ applications within the Lynx MOSA.ic™ Modular Development Framework.
  • LYNX MOSA.ic™ Framework - is an integration framework used to rapidly build comprehensible, robust software systems out of independent application modules. Lynx MOSA.ic™ simplifies the creation, certification, and maintenance of inherently complex safety- and security-critical software systems.