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ResilTech is an ICT service company operating in the field of electronic and information systems that are critical for safety; main domains are railway (encompassing high-speed rail, light rail, metro systems) and automotive (encompassing embedded systems, sensors and platforms for autonomous driving). ResilTech regularly joins national and international research projects involving ICT topics.

Main reference standards and regulations include: EN 50126 - EN 50128 - EN 50129 - EN 50159 - CE 402/2013 - IEC 61508 - ISO 26262 - IEC 13849 - ISO 9001 - ISO/TS 22163 - UNI 11565

Certifications and Working Groups: - ISO 9001 - ISO TC22/SC32/WG8 - for ISO26262 (“Road vehicles - Functional safety”) - for ISO21448 (“Safety of the intended functionality“).

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“I strongly believe that joining the program has a great value for Resiltech as well as for the Safety Ecosystem of Arm-based solutions. Indeed we can share with Arm partners our very long experience in the design of safety system accelerating the time to market of safety compliant products. A key aspect not to underestimate is that the selection criteria to join the program are very strict and based on specific experience in the certification process of safety products: this is definitely a key value for everyone in need to find a reliable partner matching its safety needs in short terms. ”

Rosaria Esposito, Resiltech CEO

Functional Safety Related Services

Resiltech offers a wide range of services in safety critical embedded systems including: Design of Safe Systems, Verification & Validation, Safety Analysis and Support for certification.

The following are examples of solutions offered in the past in the semiconductor market.

  • Safety Concept/architecture definition/requirement definition for
  • IP
  • SoC
  • System level / Platform definition
  • HW and SW Safety Analysis (e.g. FMEDA, DFA, SW FMEA)
  • Safety processes definition
  • Assessment for both HW (IP, SoC, system) and SW (from drivers and libraries to whole embedded code)
  • SW Safety Libraries development
  • SW Test Library
  • CPUs
  • Accelerators
  • Memory
  • Subsystem
  • Peripherals
  • Anomaly Detection SW
  • Safety tool chain support/customization (e.g. fault injection environment , FMEDA databases)
  • Definition of trusted platform for security
  • HW/SW partitioning
  • SW design

Senior staff has more than 15 years in safety critical projects and average is about 8 years experience. Specifically Resiltech team has been working on safety project on complex SoC and IP since 2010.