Other Best Practices for Geometry

Smoothing Groups/Custom Vertex Normal

  • Use smoothing groups/custom vertex normal to define the hardness of an edge and alter the look of a model.
    • Smoothing group will help to create better shading on very lowpoly art direction.
    • Smoothing group affect our UV islands splitting also quality of normal map when we do baking, so extra care need to be taken on this. This will be explained further in the Textures Best Practice (coming soon) section.

Smoothing group application

  • If this is implemented on a 3D model, then it needs to get exported from the 3D software and get imported into the engine.

Mesh topology

  • Do have reasonably tidy/clean topology when creating a 3D asset.
  • Clean topology is essential for character or other object that are deforming/animated.
  • Don't be too obsessed with having perfect topology on a 3D model, it should be tidy to a certain degree, but not all objects need perfect edge flow.
    • Player/end user will not see the wireframe of a 3D model
    • Mesh will have texture/material applied to it and this will have bigger contribution to the look of a 3D model. 

Entire scene textures

Shape exaggeration

  • Make certain part/shape bigger than normal to help readability. This depends on type and style of the game
    • A mobile devices screen is small and sometimes it's hard to capture certain shape when they are really small, exaggerating it will help to overcome this. 
    • For example, make characters have bigger hand to make it easier to be seen.

Shape exaggeration

What do I do next?

There will be more guides on best practices for artists coming soon!