Texture Unit

The texture unit implements all texture memory accesses.

The baseline performance is four bilinear filtered texels per clock. This means that a 2x2 pixel quad is textured in one cycle. This is true for most texture formats, but performance can vary for some texture formats and filtering modes.

The following table shows the operations available, and their performance scaling values:

 Operation  Performance scaling
 N x anisotropic filter  Up to x N
 Trilinear filter  x2
 3D format  x2
 More than 32-bit per texel  x2
 Filtered fp32  x2

For example, the worst-case cost of a 4x anisotropic filter, using trilinear samples applied to a RGBA16F texture, is16 times more expensive than a basic bilinear filter (4×2×2=16).

ZS and blend unit

The ZS and color blend units are both responsible for handling all OpenGL ES and programmatic accesses to the tile buffer for functionality like:

The blender can write either of two fragments per clock to the tile memory. All Mali GPUs are designed to support fast Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA). This means that both full rate fragment blending, and the resolving of pixels when using 4xMSAA, are supported.

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