Profiling Unity with Arm

Unity® software is the most popular development software used by developers to create games and applications across multiple platforms. Arm Mobile Studio is a software suite that helps Unity developers to profile, debug and optimize their game on mobile platforms. Arm works closely with Unity to simplify the use of our tools with their game engines. 

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  • Arm Guide for Unity Developers
  • Arm guide for Unity developers 

    View techniques and best practices to help you make the best use of Unity on mobile platforms, especially those with Mali™ GPUs.

    Arm Guides for Unity Developers
  • Total Number of Triangles Count
  • Unity Learn

    Unity and Arm co present the Unity learn course - 3D Art Optimization for Mobile Applications

    Unity Learn Course
  • Use Arm Mobile Studio with Unity

    See how Arm Mobile Studio works with Unity to provide a compelling performance analysis suite for Android games development.

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  • Use Arm Mobile Studio with Unity

    Japanese version of using Mobile Studio with Unity.


Best practices for VR on Unity

VR Best Practices for mobile on Unity

  • Guide to inform developers using Unity on how best to improve rendering quality in mobile VR
  • Contains suggestions and graphical examples of the most effective techniques for improving rendering quality
  • Includes explicit guidance on how to implement these techniques in Unity
  • Additionally, the samples used for the examples can be downloaded to allow for further investigation into these techniques

Download Guide Download Sample Project Files

Dynamic soft shadows Unity Project 

A complete project, created by the Arm demo team to demonstrate dynamic real-time shadows based on the use of static local cubemaps. The technique improves performance and quality when rendering shadows. This is especially relevant on mobile devices, as the use of available resources must be carefully balanced.

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