Unity is a games development platform that can use different graphics and compute APIs to render mobile games. One of these APIs is Vulkan, from the Khronos group that created OpenGL. This guide reviews the benefits of Vulkan by following a case study of the mobile game Sky Force Reloaded from Infinite Dreams. 

The Vulkan driver is simpler and more efficient than OpenGL, reducing GPU and power consumption. The simplicity means the low-level access work moves to the application, which can make the application development work more complex. To keep the application development work simple, Unity handles the low-level access on behalf of the developer. Game developers can therefore enjoy the advantages of Vulkan without adding work for themselves. 

The Sky Force Reloaded development team moved from OpenGL ES to Vulkan to improve the graphics of the game, while lowering its power consumption. The team used Unity to work with both APIs, so that they did not need to redevelop the game when switching from OpenGL ES to Vulkan.  

By the end of this guide, you will have insight into how Vulkan can help the performance of your own game, and how to change the API that your game uses.