White Papers

The latest white papers from the Arm Graphics and Multimedia teams. They look at potential future solutions for graphical development on mobile and use cases like virtual reality. The white papers can be downloaded below in PDF format.

Building the next-gen mobile renderer with Tencent Games

White Paper

By Nathan Li of Arm and Nan Wei of Tencent Games

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360-degree video rendering white paper

360-Degree Video Rendering

Using Arm Technology to Implement 360-Degree Video Efficiently

The introduction of virtual reality has brought new applications to the surface as well as derivatives of existing technologies. One improvement over existing technologies can be seen in the case of 360-degree video. The increased immersion of virtual reality can easily be applied to video - providing superior user experience over the traditional video that is projected into flat surfaces.

This white paper describes how existing Arm technology can be used to implement 360-degree video efficiently, and how the different hardware and software components interact with each other in order to produce high quality final results.

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Foveated Rendering White Paper download page

Foveated Rendering Techniques

This white paper describes foveated rendering on Arm devices, it explains and discusses points such as:

  • What foveated rendering is, and what are it's use cases.
  • Optimizing VR applications for foveated rendering, saving on fragment shading loading on GPU compared to variable-resolution shading.
  • The potential problems and overall benefits such as performance improvements and extended battery life of devices. 

This white paper shows what is achievable on current devices using the Multiview extensions to create a variable-resolution shading algorithm and then further improve it with eye tracking to develop a fully functioning foveated rendering algorithm.

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Mobile VR White Paper Image

Expanding Virtual Horizons - The Future of Mobile VR

Ever wondered if Virtual Reality will really take off this time around, or why it never managed to before? VR is big news all over again and everyone’s talking about its possibilities and all the innovative applications we could use it for. Excitement is rife for the potential but we still have heaps of questions. What’s changed, what still needs to change for it to be really effective and how do we make it happen?

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