Unity Presentations

Presentations from events such as Game Developers Conference and Unity's Unite event series. 

Unite Austin 2017 - Know your Limits: Understanding GPU Budgets in Mobile Game Development

Roberto Lopez Mendez, Senior Software Engineer, Arm
Rafael Ferrari, Skullfish Studios

A talk presented at Unite US (Austin) 2017 in October. Roberto and Rafael present a comprehensive guide to understanding GPU budgets in mobile game development. Roberto gives an introduction to VR opitimizations and best practices. Skullfish present a short segment on planning and optimization using GPU budgets and Mali Graphics Debugger on Lila's tale, a popular mobile game. 

Get the most from Vulkan in Unity with practical examples from Infinite dreams

Roberto Lopez Mendez, Senior Software Engineer, Arm
Marek Wyszyński, VP & Co-Founder, iDreams
Mikko Strandborg, Vulkan Lead, Unity

Developers can achieve key benefits like reduced power consumption and optimized CPU and GPU utilization, enabling richer scene content and an overall increase in game FPS when porting their games to Vulkan. Arm, Unity and Infinite Dreams have teamed up to showcase the tangible benefits provided by the Vulkan API on the Unity engine. Unity will also present a technical deep dive on lessons learned and performance tips used when integrating Vulkan into the Unity rendering pipeline.

Watch the video on the GDC Vault site.

Achieving High Quality Mobile VR in Unity

Roberto Lopez Mendez, Senior Engineer, Arm
Carl Callewaert, Americas Director & Global Leader of Evangelism, Unity

This talk discusses how high-quality VR graphics can be achieved on mobile devices by using Unity’s native VR support, showcasing the experience of porting Arm’s Ice Cave demo to Samsung Gear VR. It will also cover highly optimized rendering techniques for shadows, refraction and reflections based on local cubemaps, as well as how to render stereo reflections to achieve high quality reflections in VR.