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Chess Room - Unity 5 reflections and shadows based on local cube maps

The video shows very efficient techniques for rendering reflections and shadows in mobile devices. Reflections based on local cubemaps are combined with reflections rendered at runtime using a mirrored camera. It shows a completely new technique for rendering shadows. This new shadows technique is also based on static local cubemaps and allows rendering very realistic and high quality shadows. Shadows from this new technique are effectively combined with shadows rendered at runtime using the shadows mapping technique.

Chess Room Project Files

Ice Cave

An overview of the Ice Cave demo and visual effects from Arm internal Mali Demo Team. Created with the latest Unity 5 (now available), this demo makes use of real-time global illumination (employing Enlighten, the new lighting solution inside Unity 5) and adds some cool reflection, refraction, soft shadows, procedural skybox, bloom and many other techniques.

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Dynamic Soft Shadows ARM Mali Unity 5 Project Files

Unity Project files

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