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Squid Systems, with headquarters in the US and development center in Hyderabad, India is an innovative software and hardware IP provider for low power, high performance computing applications such as image, vision, and video processing.

Squid’s R&D expertise includes image processing algorithms, efficient mapping of algorithms to architectures, audio/video codecs design and optimization, video standards such as H.264, HEVC, JPEG2000, DivX, in-depth knowledge of DSPs, embedded and desktop GPUs, multi-core system design and optimization, media frameworks on Android, iOS, Windows and Linux, programming frameworks such as OpenCL, OpenCV, among others.

Squid’s highly optimized video codec solutions (hardware and software IP) have been deployed  by major customers  in variety of systems ranging from tablets running on Arm Cortex-A9 processors and Cortex-A15 processors, to surveillance systems running on SoCs comprising of Arm cores in addition to Squid’s own IP blocks for video codec acceleration.

Squid's optimized HEVC Main Profile 1080p HD decoder

Squid’s video experts have created a highly parallel, multi-core optimized HEVC decoder for the Arm Cortex-A series such as Arm Cortex-A9 processors and Arm Cortex-A15 processors, supporting Main Profile Level 4.0, decoding 1920x1080p images at 30fps. The decoder effectively utilizes all available cores without recompilation by identifying the number of cores available at runtime and dynamically creating enough threads to handle all the high level parallelism in the decoding process. The decoder is further optimized to exploit Arm NEON vector instruction set fully in the compute intensive decoder functions.

  • Squid Systems HEVC decode demo
  • HEVC decode

    The decoder is compliant to HM 10.0 of the reference model and documentation and supports Tiles, Slices, Dependent slices, all slice types, entropy coding, SAO and deblocking filters.

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  • Validating if a system works.
  • Optimized for Mali

    Squid Systems are working on the optimization of HEVC decoder and encoder currently and in the future advanced computer vision based object detection algorithms for mobile computing devices using the latest advancements in GPU Computing technologies on Mali graphics processor.

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